One year to live

This is about a girl name Carla. she's married to tom hiddleston the actor that plays loki her life was perfect until one day she got real sick the doctors said she have a disease and she only going to live a year


2. chapter two

Tom went to go check on Carla she was still asleep. He went to go make her something to eat so it can be ready for her when she wake up. Tom was done fixing her food he went to go take to her she was finally awake.

"Hello darling. how did you sleep?"

"Good just feeling a little sick."

"Maybe you need to eat something. here I made your favorite."

"Thank you. where is Thomas?"

"He's asleep. You know I can't live without you I mean if I lose you my life is over."

Tom knew she wasn't going to live long. but he was hoping the doctor could find something soon.

"Remember Paris where we first met. Best day of my life take me back there before my time comes,"

"Alright. I'm going to take you everywhere I said we was going to go now let's go.'

"Wait now?. what about Thomas?."

"He's coming with us. now let's go."

Carla started to pack her bags. tom went to go pack Thomas bags when they got done packing they went to the airport. tom had his own plane to go anywhere he wanted to they got on first place they wanted to go to was New York.

They been on the plane for 2 hours. Carla was getting sick again she needed her Medicean. tom grab her pink bag with her Medicean in it and gave it to her it wasn't working fast. so tom was getting nervous he didn't know what to do an hour pass the Medicean started to work. tom finally relaxed

"My love. I was so scared."

"Are we in New York yet?"

"Yes we are. we are about to land now."

The plane landed. they got off and took a taxi to the hotel when they made it to the hotel. they got to they room Carla put Thomas to bed then Carla and Tom went to bed.

"Goodnight darling."

The next day came. Carla was up before tom she was getting Thomas dress for they day out, she was putting Thomas top on him but her hands started shaking. tom came behind her to help "that's new.' tom said Carla went to go get dress herself but she couldn't she was to weak.

"Let me help. when did this start to happen?"

"Last night. I got up to get a drink that's when my hands started to shake."

He was done getting her dress. then he got dress when he got done he grab Thomas and they left. first place Carla wanted to go was shopping so they went shopping for an hour then they went to lady liberty after that they went to the park. Carla was getting dizzy they had to take a rest

"Do you need your medicine?"

"No I'm fine. I just needed to sit down for a little."

They started walking again back to the hotel. when they got there tom took Thomas to the play room where there was other kids. and someone to watch him tom wanted to be alone with Carla for a little, I went out to dinner they started talking about all the time they had together.

"I remember everything. best years of my life to bad we can't continue."

"Don't say that. we will your not going anywhere."

Carla smiled. Tom haven't seen that smile for a long time "i miss that smile." tom said they got done eating they went for a walk at the park. they got back to the hotel Carla was getting sleepy so tom took her to the room. then he went to go get Thomas and went back to the room Carla was asleep, tom put Thomas to sleep then he went to bed

"Goodnight my angels.'


Tom took Carla to all the places she want to go. She haven't been getting sick a lot today she was feeling better then ever today they are going to Paris the place where they first met. when they arrive to Paris they went to the hotel they had a beautiful view from they room.

"Alright Thomas is with a friend of mine. she's going to take her son and our son out to lunch. now we can time together in Paris."

Tom and Carla went all over Paris. they went shopping they went out to eat and dancing

"You are a great dancer tom. I see you have some fangirls looking your way."

"Right now I just need to be with you. they will understand."

"No tom go they your fans. you have all night with me now go."

Tom went to go take photos and give autographs out to his fans. Carla was about to get up but she fell to the ground tom ran over to her and got his phone out to call 911.

"Carla darling? what happen why did you get up?"

"I'm ok just get my medicine."

Tom grab her bag with her medicine in it. he gave it to her he got her up and put her back in the chair. tom fans went over and asked if she was ok "yes she's ok." tom said to them. the fans left and tom took Carla back to the hotel

"You need to get some sleep. we can go out some other day."

"I don't have many days life tom. I'm fine now take me where we met."

"Alright let's go." tom said they took a taxi to where they was going. when they got there it was dark there was no street lights on. And the lights off on the fountain Carla was disappointed

"It's not the same like it was 4 years ago."

"Close your eyes love."

She did what tom told her to do. tom left for a minute Carla heard something so she open her eyes when she did the lights was on.

"Oh my it's so beautiful. it's better then before."

"Let's sit by the fountain."

"I love this. Thank you."

"No thank you. for being in my life your the best woman I ever been with. that's why I can't lose you."

They was there for hours talking. then they finally went back to the hotel tom told his friend to meet him there to drop Thomas off. then got to the room and got ready for bed.

"Goodnight my loves."

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