The Truth About Love

"I would rather trek through the desert or go a year without rain then you sitting here telling me you don't love me because Kaitlyn Jade I know you do and you can't lie to me!"

~ Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction ~


1. Chapter One

In this world, we are raised to protect ourselves. To stop school bullies and get out of abusive relationships before it is 'too late.' But really, what is protection? If we can all sit infront of a television screen and watch as people kill other people why can't we?

No, I am not a murderier. I cannot handle the sight of blood, but what about those who are muderiers? What joy do they get out of watching there wife, husband, children, and far to often innocent people bleed?

We find our truth's buried under lies, though, as we age the lies pile up and our truths get buried under more lies until you can't even find them anymore. Occasionally those little white lies to your friends, telling them you can't hang out because your mum said you can't, they seem helpful. They save you from leaving your room. When really, it's another burdon. It is more memories lost, more bonds and reconnections past.

I, for one, am none of those people. Yes, I will find my truth's under lies. But I am no murderier, and I am no liar. I cannot lie very well, but I admit, I get a sensation out of pulling off a little lie every now and then.

I am Kaitlyn Jade Murphy, I am 17 years old and I am not great. I spend a lot of my hours helping people who's boyfriends hugged another girl or someone's assignment need's to be done. I help people, although, any other time I am avoided, excluded. But I am okay with that, I brung that upon myself. I am happy alone.

My wardrobe is mainly dark jeans and big, daggy shirts. The looks from the people around my neighbourhood and town are awkwardly amusing. I live in the more, I guess, high end part of Chicago. No, my personality doesn't fit in here. I am much happier living in a loft or something. But, my parent's won't let me leave the house until I get into college and live in a dorm room.

"Kaitlyn, touch my damn makeup again and I will turn your room upside down." My sister says to me. She is 15. I am the oldest out of three, I am 17, My sister, Sharna, is 15 and my little brother turned a week ago. Sharna is going throuh that stage where she wears a crazy amount of eye makeup and band shirts.

I have no problem with it, really. Except for the fact that she has more of a life then me. I have grown to inore her snooty comments though, it took a while.

I pull on a pair of cheap shoes and grab my bag, shoving my books in there. I walk down the stairs only to find my little brother, sitting on the last stair of the staircase singing the song that goes along with tying his shoe laces.

"Need a hand?" I asked him, dropping my bag on the ground and knealing infront of him. He smiled wide and watched intently as I tied up his shoeslaces. "I suck at this." He says and I smile. "You will get it one day Matt." I say smiling and kiss his forehead, picking up my bag and walking to the kitchen.

My mum and dad leave for work at a ridiculous time of morning so I am in charge of breakfast. I grab out cereal and put it on the bench with the milk. Matt runs in and climbs up onto the bench. I pour him and I bowl and we sit and eat in silence. Sharna is no where to be seen, maybe she left.

"Sharna?" I call out and I hear stomping upstairs, "What!" She yells, I flinch, "Uh, do you want breakfast?" I say, defenseless. "No. Don't talk to me." She yells and slams her door. "We are leaving in 10." I call out.

Matt and I wait in the car for Sharna. I beep the horn a few times and I finally see her walking out in her combat boots, black singlet and black skirt. She sits in the front seat and slouches. "What is wrong with you?" I asked and she looked at me and looked back out the window. "Seat belt." I remind her and she sighs in frustration and does her seatbelt up.

I pull up out the front of Matt's school and get out, opening his door and helping him out of the little booster seat mum made me put in my old beat up car. "Cya, Matt." I said and he gives me a hug. "Mum said she is picking you up today." I say and he runs off to his friends.

I get into the car and look at Sharna who has her head phones in. I begin driving as she takes them out and looks at me. "Yes?" I say after about 10 seconds. "How can you be so happy with life?" She says and I shrug, "I'm not. I think there are a lot of things wrong with it." I reply. That was the first conversation we have had in around 3 days.

I pull up in the carpark and she gets out, grabs her bag and walks straight to her friends. They all dress like her. I take my time to get out, turning off my phone and shoving it in my bag and getting out of the car. I make sure it is locked as I walk toward the main entrance and to the office. Every morning and I have to remind them to tell me if Sharna leaves school grounds because she does it a lot.

I walk to my locker and grab my books for first class. I turn around and someone runs into me. I stumble but catch myself without falling over or dropping my books. "Sorry." I say, looking up and making sure they are okay. "Watch where you are walking Miss Murphy." Mr Hunter says and steps past me.

I walk to class and sit in my regualr seat in the middle row near the window. I open my novel and begin reading from where I left off. When the bell goes, people start flooding in for roll call. The teacher struggles to keep the class quiet and she calls out the names. She must be new, I haven't seen her around.

When roll call is over, I walk to my next class and look down and realise I have the wrong book and my locker is on the other side of the school. I jog a little to my locker, I turn around a corner and find a person looking awfully confused. "Are you lost?" I asked and they turned around. He. He turned around. "Yes, actually." He said and I walked up to him. "Where are you going to?" I asked and he looked down at his schedule "Music." He says and looks up to me again and smiles. "Oh, right, you just have to go to the end of the hall, turn left and up the flight of stairs and then its right there." I say and he smiles, "Thankyou..." He says "Kaitlyn." I say and he smiles again. "Kaitlyn." He says and I nod. "No problem." I say and go to my locker. "It's Louis, by the way." He said and I looked back as he continued walking. "I didn't ask." I said and heard him chuckle a little.

At lunch, I sat outside in the warm sun like everyone else. I sat alone at a table, doing the homework I had been assigned through the day to avoid having to do it when I got home. "Kaitlyn." I hear someone say and I look up, Louis is walking toward me. "Louis." I say, looking for a second and then writing more.

He sits at the table with me and pulls out his phone and putting it on the table. Which reminds me, I have to check my roster for work, which is one my phone. "Thankyou for the help earlier." He said and I shrug, "It's no biggy." I said and he laughs as I look for my phone and turn it on.

"Are you new here?" I ask out of pure curiousity. "Why do you ask?" He replies and I look around. "Because you're sitting with me. No one sits with me." I say and he follows the pattern on his phone cover with his finger. "Then, yes, I am new." He pauses for a second. "You like being alone?" He asked and I shrug, "It's quiet." I say and he smiles. "And lonely." He said and I nod a little in agreement.

"What is that?" He asked, sifting through my work. "Is that.. Are you doing peoples assignments for them?" He asked, astounded. I snatch it off him and put it where it was, "Yes." I reply and he ruffles his hair. "Why do you let people take advantage of you like that?" He asked, "Are they all peoples assignments?" He asked and I shook my head, "Only that one. I do it because I want to avoid confrontation." I say and he squeezes his eyes shut and opens them again.

He then grabs my phone and types something. His phone buzzes, and I look confused. "What are you doing?" I asked, "I find you fascinating, Kaitlyn. Plus, I want to be your friend. So, we are exchanging numbers, on my demand." He said and stands up, slinging his bag onto his back. "Call me." He says and walks away.

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