Sam is a regular girl. She has a brother, dad. She was bullied her whole childhood because she was fat. She changed and to London with her family because of a job her dad got. What happens when her dad's boss hears her sing? What if she says yes to her dream and no to love? What happens when she meets a special someone down the road?

First movella so please no hate.thanks!!


1. Girls Night Out

Sam's P.O.V

It all started when i was born in LA. I was born dead. I had too much water in my lungs, so i pretty much had no chance of survival yet, the doctors saved me. I lived my childhood pretty much like every other little girl. Playing with and barbies. It was all flowers and rainbows, until I entered 1st grade. I'll say it at easy as I can, I was bullied. Really badly. From when I was 6 'til I was 9 I was bullied called fat, ugly, worthless, etc. When I was 7 my mum died in a car crash. When I was 10 I moved to a different school yet, the same district. Not saying I wasn't bullied, just not as much as my last school but I still got bullied. When I finished 4th grade, I moved to the UK, because of a huge job opportunity my dad got. After that I did my rest of my elementary school in London, not caring about the insults that happened in the past. But all that changed when I entered Junior High. I developed a eating disorder when I was 12. Let me tell you, I lost a lot of weight, and people say that I'm really pretty. Then came a time where I would remember all the things that my bullies would tell me and I developed a obsession with being so perfect and it all got to me and I couldn't take it anymore. By this time, I stopped eating. And practically I haven't told anyone, not even my best friend Emily, I tell her everything, but I feel this is a too big of a secret to tell. Plus she's kind of the school's gossip girl, I still don't know how I ended up being her best friend, maybe pushing away that she's a huge a gossip girl, she's actually a really good girl to spend time with.

Right now I'm 19 years old my life went on, but my past still haunts me. My dad is vice-president of some sort of music studio that isn't that important to me. Thanks to my dad's love for music, I now play guitar and piano, and I may or may not sing 'beautifully' like my dad would say since he's walked in on me while I would sing in my room. Embarrasing right? Anyways, I'm going to celebrate my birthday with my friends tonight, well it isn't my birthday but since I'm going on vacation to the US I won't be here for my birthday so they want to celebrate me 'cause I'm leaving in 3 days. My dad told me that he will have some people from work coming to dinner tonight so everything has to be 'perfect' because this is a big thing for my dad so he doesn't really care if I go to a joint, well as long as i don't tell him. And well as long as I'm not in the living room eating cold pizza while watching The Notebook on Netflix (Those are my friday plans every week) so I hope it goes great.

"Dad I'm going out with Emily and Olivia" I said putting on my earrings (Olivia's a new friend of mine)

"Okay princess, have fun and be careful" He said serving dinner onto glass plates

"Oh, and when you come back, please come back after 12 please. I want everything to be perfect tonight" He begged while fixing his tie

"Okay, whatever, I was planing on staying at Emily's house after the movie" I half lied cause he would NEVER let me go to a joint so I made up a lie.

"Well goodnight, and wish me good luck" he said quite nervous.


I kissed his cheek. I went outside to call Em, but to my surprise she was already waiting in the car.

"C'mon, Sam. The night is young" she said honking her range rover that her parents bought her for her birthday last year. Talking about being spoiled.

She honked again, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Going! How come you're here early, you're always fashionably late" I said hopping into the back seat of the car since Liv was in front.

"Don't know. I just am. I like your dress by the way" she said turning back to the front while I giggle and blush and look at my black knee-high, strapless dress.


"You're welcome love, so what did you tell your dad you were going this time" she said while I chuckled.

"Movies then shopping and then to have a sleep over at your house. Talking about that can I stay at your flat for the night 'cause I don't think my dad would like the idea of me arriving at 3 in the morning with alcohol breath" I said as I laughed soon to be joined by the girls.

"Sure love. When will you get your own flat?"

"My dad said when I'm 20 which is next month, so I hope soon"

Luckies! I'm going to be 19. And you girls are 20 and with a flat all to yourselves!" She pouted while Emily and I laugh.

"Soon-to-be-20 actually" I said while taunting her.

"Still, no fair!"She said crossing her arms.

After a few minutes of girl talk, we made it to the Joint, which was claimed to be one of the hottest joints in London. I'll be the judge of that tonight.

We entered with our ID and we still haven't been in the joint 10 minutes and Olivia was already dancing her ass of on the dance floor. Typical Liv. I went to the bar and ordered a Martini. While Em was flirting with some cute guy she found. So that leaves me to be the stick in the mud tonight. It usually ends up Emily is the stick in the mud 'cause she wants to go home early.

It's 3 in the morning and well, Olivia is drunk off her ass, Em is still flirting with the same guy and I'm drinking but still conscious enough to drive home. We are having a great time and all but it was time to leave 'cause Olivia had just past out.

We got home and Em told me that the guy asked for her number and asked her out. Win for Emily! After I tuck Liv to bed and Em was also asleep, I laid on the couch and quickly fell asleep.


Sam's P.O.V

You're disgusting!

You're worthless!

You don't deserve to live!

Do us all a favor and go die!

"Noooo!" I woke up crying and shouting. When I finally calmed down I realized I was sweaty and sticky. I check the clock. 10 AM. Shit. My head is pounding. I got up and looked for some aspirin pills. After I took two I decided to take a shower since i was sticky and smelled like alcohol from last night.

I did my daily shower routine and dried off I borrowed some of Em's clothes. She doesn't mind. I put on Emily's least favorite shirt. It was a neon pink tank top. I matched it with some black skinny jeans. I left my hair to its natural curly waves.

When I walk out of the bathroom the girls are still asleep. So I decide to make them breakfast to bed with some asprin pills as a second plate. Ha! If they ask me if i've eaten I'll say yes 'cause like I've said I have an eating disorder so, I hardly eat anything.

I was snapped out of my thought once I head a loud moan and "Shit! My head". Yup that was Emily.

I rushed over to her bed with the plate of breakfast and the aspirin pills to drink with water.


"You're very welcome. What are friends for" I said giving her a warm smile

"Fuck! My head!"

"That's my cue. I'll be back" I said as I rushed to the other room.

"Hey there, how are you?" I said while giving her aspirin.

"Uuuggghh" she groaned as she took the pills

"Well I have to go home, I'll see you later okay"

"Okay. Later" She said as she laid back down

I walked down the stairs of the apartment. I thank god that she just lived a few blocks away, so It wouldn't take that long to get to my home. I wonder how it went for my dad? Did he get what he wanted? Who visit dad that was so important? All these questions filled my head when a sudden honk snapped me out of my thoughts and I jumped. The window opened and revealed Luke who lives across the street from my house. He's tall, blue eyed and well perfect. He's also my brother's best friend. I always had a crush on him. It's a good thing we're good friends. Wonder what he was doing here?

"Hey Sam, sorry for scaring you do you need a ride somewhere?" He said with a confused yet, sorry face.

"Hey, no it's fine no need to apologize and well I'm going to my house can you give me a lift?" I asked not wanting to sound to needy.

"Sure love, let me open the door for you" he said with his strong, husky accent. Damn.

He opened the door for me, which was very kind of him.

"Thanks"And I gave him a warm sweet smile.


Hey guys first book. Kinda excited!! So please don't forget to put feedback please. Thanks!!!!!

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