Sam is a regular girl. She has a brother, dad. She was bullied her whole childhood because she was fat. She changed and to London with her family because of a job her dad got. What happens when her dad's boss hears her sing? What if she says yes to her dream and no to love? What happens when she meets a special someone down the road?

First movella so please no hate.thanks!!


4. Date

Sam's P.O.V

He help me in the passenger seat of his Range Rover. When he got into the driver's side, he started the car and we drove to I don't know where. During the car ride it was silent. But a nice silence.

20 minutes later we parked in front of a classy restaurant and I got to say it looks really expensive, like lobster is the cheapest thing on the menu expensive. My nerves are starting to build in my stomach and starting to feel sick.He help me get of the car, like always. He takes my hand and holds it gently then after 30 seconds he tighten his grip since he saw that I didn't pull away. We passed the bright, huge entrance and entered the dinning room. And as always I'm right, the room looks super expensive. But there was a thing that took me out of place. There was only a table for two in the middle of the room.

"May I show you to your table" said a waiter with a suit and tie. He looked around 50 or 60 I couldn't really tell. He slightly nodded at showed us to our table. Even thou it was the only table standing. We sat down at looked at our menus. There was a silence between us but not a awkward one but a nice soothing silence. He ordered us a lobster soup for the entrance. After we ate the soup, well mostly him, and waited for the big plate. We started talking about my trip to the US.

"So when are you leaving?" He sounded kind of .....sad if you ask me.

"In two days at 1 in the afternoon"

"Ohh well did you already say goodbye to your friends?"

" They were gonna come with me to the airport to say our goodbyes" why the hell did I say that, now he's gonna wanna come say goodbye, and the good excuse of driving Liv. Damn it. Good thing he didn't question more about that topic.

"Okay. So who are you going to stay with while you're over there? Family or someone you know back in the United States"

"Umm...I'm actually going to share a rent with some girl back in LA, in an apartment. Since the only family I have back there is my mum's side of the family, but we got distant when my mum died. So nearly anybody knows me. Plus it's better. But what about you what are you doing these monthly vacations?" I took another sip of my red wine. It's my third one and I'm kinda feeling dizzy.

"Well my family wants to go to New York, you know sightseeing. And for me it's really boring.."

"What?! You don't like sightseeing? That is practically my favourite thing to do when I visit new places. Like when I came to London, I took one whole month and a half just looking at monuments and streets."

"Yeah, it might be fun, but when you follow your parents to every chili-cheese-dog stand. You would also hate it. BUT, since I'm an adult now..." I giggled a little for his saying. I must have looked like a weirdo. "...I get to do anything I want but if I wanna leave the city or the country, I have to tell them."

"True that. Parents are always behind your back."

After we ate, we went outside and started walking, I had no idea where we were going but I followed his lead by his hand that was gently holding mine, but it fit so perfect, it felt like my missing puzzle piece. All of a sudden after walking through unknown streets, we came to a stop, he went in back of me, and put his hands gently on top of my eyes. They were warm, warm enough to send chills down my spine.

"Hey, don't get scared, I'm right here I'll lead you okay don't worry princess, just keep walking forward alright. You trip I got you." He said with his lips next to my ears. I could almost feel him smile. I started walking slowly for about five now, then we came to a complete stop.

"Okay I'm going to take my hands of of your eyes but you have to have them completely closed. No peeking" Now I'm starting to feel something that I'm not quite sure what it is, but it's a lovely feeling.

"Alright, you can open them now"

I open them and see the most beautiful thing I had ever seen not even fairy tales can compare to this. This was absolutely amazing. It was a park filled with thousands of tiny christmas light all over the bushes and up on the trees. Then I saw a candle set with an iPod and a stereo by its side. He then goes down on a squat position next to the iPod and and turned it on.

"May I have this dance Ms. Collins?" He half smiles as he takes out his hand for me to accept and grab. I probably look like a tomato but good thing it's night time so he couldn't see me. Or was that true 'cause I just saw him giggle to himself. I nod slightly and take his hand. After a few minutes of slow dancing and just enjoy our presence, I finally spoke.

"Huh, I never knew that you can dance. Well, coming from my brother's lips you, and I quote 'are a horrible dancer'" I giggle a bit. By now my head was on the crook of his neck while he had his hands on my back and constantly kissed my head.

"Well, special things calls for a special occasion, don't you think" he kissed my hair meanwhile we were still dancing to the songs that the iPod had.

"Liv taught you, didn't she?"

"Yeah, what do you think,was £60 and 2 hours every two days for 3 weeks worth it?" I lift up from my head from his neck and look at him

"So you already planned to ask me out?" I look at his beautiful blue eyes

"Y-Yeah I had it all planned you just had to say yes" he does a half smile and grabs my chin to meet his eyes again.

"Well you're not the only dance student Olivia has had"

"Really she taught you too?"

"Yeah when I first started dancing I looked like a Pinguin trying to fly. I really sucked. But after a few weeks I could finally dance, well not great, but it was passible" we both started laughing

"Well we could stay here longer, but if we do your dad will think I might have kidnapped you" i groaned and he chuckled a bit looking at the watch on his wrist. 12:14 AM. Wow we took that long dancing, my feet doesn't even hurt, but my pain will come in the morning.

"Yeah we should get going" I said and with that we walked back to the car and drove back to my house. In the car ride we were chatting, you know just curious. When we finally got to my driveway, we both hop off and he comes with me to the doorsteps. I sigh loudly.

"Well....thank you for tonight I had fun" we just look at each other with a silence between us. I turned around to put the key through the keyhole but Luke stopped me by wrapping his around my wrist. He brought my face centimetres away from his. I felt his hot minty breath. My heart started beating fast like if I'm running a marathon. He had his hands on my waist. He looked deep into my eyes, I felt like I was gonna melt in his arms, for some reason he started biting his bottom lip, but it was hot. Suddenly he gently grabs the sides of my face and he leaned in and kissed me. The kiss was rough yet gentle. It was unexplainable, it was perfect.

We pulled back from the kiss and stared at each others eyes it felt like it was just the two of us. I pulled away, I gave a warm smile and entered my house with no other word. I was speechless.

I entered the house. I saw a light in the kitchen so I went to turn it off.

"You do realise that it's almost 1 in the morning right?" Oh crap I forgot it's really late.

"Yeah, God you scared me. Sorry it kinda got late back there"

"I just wanted to know that you got here safe. Now go to bed, sweetheart, it's late." He kissed my forehead and went upstairs, me following.

I entered my room and sat on the bed. I sat there analyzing my room and rethinking everything that happened today.

Simon Cowell.

The X Factor.

Luke Williams.

The Kiss.

I need to tell someone. Emily. I grabbed my phone and quickly typed in her number and called.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU WANT SAMANTHA! IT'S ONE IN THE BLOODY MORNING!" Geez someone is cranky, then again it is one in the morning. But she's always awake at this hour, so I don't know why it bothers her. But not even that is gonna take my good mood away.

"Well I just wanted to tell you a gossip that I found out about me, and it still doesn't spread"

"Do tell" you could hear the excitement in her voice.

"That I..." I want to taunt her a little.


"Geez, if you keep calling me 'Samantha' and yelling at me I won't tell you"

"Fine,what happened....Sam"

"I kissed Luke" I said jumping in excitement.

"WAIT! Luke, Luke Williams, as in Olivia's step-brother?" it sounded like she was mad at me for some reason.

"Yeah, when I went home in the morning, he offered me a ride and when he dropped me off he asked me on a date"

"Sam listen to me. If Olivia ever finds out, she will think you used her to get to her brother"

"WHAT! Emily, that's nuts I will NEVER, in a million years use Olivia! She's my best friend..."

"Umm....excuse me"

"ONE of my best friends. And I will never betray her like that. Emily, how can you think that!"

"Someone who doesn't know you like I do, will. Example: How long have you been friends with Liv?"

"A year and three months"

"And how long has it been since you've gotten closer to Luke? And don't deny it, 'cause I was there when you're brother claimed his best friend back"

"....10 to 12 months..... I don't get how you're relating this with...; ooohh yeah I see it now. But Olivia knows I'm incapable of that"

"I don't know Sam, she's only known you for a year, and that looks like some hard evidence right there. Plus what would you think if you were in her shoes and she just used you to get to your brother"

"Your right Em, can we see each other tomorrow so we can discuss this and another thing that happened to me today please?"

"Sure love, come over to my house when ever you want. I'll be here all day anyways"

"Thanks, 'night"


I put the phone on the side table and connected it to the charger. I went into my closet and changed to PJ's and removed my make-up. I got under my sheets and started thinking 'til I eventually fell asleep.

I woke up with my phone ringing.

"Hello" I didn't even look at the caller ID but I had a good feeling who it was.

"Sam were you still asleep, sleepy head? 'Cause it's 2 PM and I don't think you want to spend your last day in London sleeping, do you?"

"Well I was kinda planning it, why?" Sarcasm filled in my voice

"Ha, ha. Very funny. Get up and change, 'cause I decided instead of staying all day in my flat why don't we go shopping then go to a café for some coffee and we can talk there."

"Sure that sounds fun. Just give me half an hour and I'll be at your house"

"No. Get ready and in thirty minutes I'll be at your house. I will honk, and if you don't come out in the next five minutes, I will leave you and go with Liv. And you know I will"

"Right" I said with sarcasm

"Just get ready"

"'Kay, I will"

God what happened last night. Oh yeah I remember now. A smile plastered on my face. As I touch my lips. I swing my legs over the bed and goan at the sun entering my room from the window. I get up and go to my closet. What am I going to do, but first what am I going to wear. I walked into my closet to change. It looked cloudy outside like it was gonna rain and I'm not taking any chances to get sick. I barely got out of a cold a few weeks ago. I decided to put some black skinny ripped jeans and a blue crop top with the words 'YEAH!' with some Uggs. I put on some eyeliner, mascara and nude lip gloss. I grabbed my phone and took one more look in the mirror before I left my room.

I head downstairs to the kitchen, where my dad was reading the daily newspaper.

"Morning... Well actually, good afternoon" my dad said not raising his eyes from the paper.

"Ha ha very funny. I know it's late. I overslept"

"More like over-died to me" he chuckled. I just giggled at his joke. I never wake up past 12 maybe a mid-day nap or something but I never sleep past 12.

"What are you doing for your last day in London?"

"I'm going out with Emily shopping, you know girls stuff, and get some coffee. And then come back here to spend the rest of the day with my daddy that loves me so so much" I said sounding innocent. He just laughed.

"How much?" He said with a smirked at me.

"£50 please" i pouted and practically kneeled on the floor. He took out his wallet and handed some money.

"I'm going to be out 'til late. So when you come back you'll stay with Jason, I'll tell him to take care of you whilst I'm gone"

I pouted like an angry 5 year old.

"Can I invite friends over?"

"Okay. Jason's inviting Luke. And behave" he said raising both his eyebrows with a wink. Why does always he wink?

"Fine" I sigh. In that I heard a honk.

"That's Emily. See you later dad" I kissed his cheek and with no other response, I walked out the door.

"Hey girly-girl-girlfriend" I said in a squeaky voice she hates so much. I always do it on purpose.

"Why do you always greet me with that fuckin' voice?" she mumbles.

"To annoy you. Why else would I do it?" I laughed whilst she rolled her eyes.

We went shopping for 3 hours and let me say, we took one whole hour in Victoria's Secret and came out with 3 bags each. My feet were hurting and now was the perfect time for that coffee and it started drizzling.

We went into the nearest Starbucks. We ordered two mocha cappuccinos and sat down. We talked about Luke and how my date was. Then I told her about Simon Cowell.

"Oh my god! Your dad works for Mr. Cowell. The owner of Syco Records. Why didn't you tell me? You know that man is like a God to me. He made One Direction, you know?!"

(Btw, she's a directioner. I consider myself just a fan of there music, that's all.)

"I really don't pay attention to my dad's job, so it never came up." I shrugged whilst talking a sip of my coffee.

"Well pay more attention, women! And whenever he visits your house just give me a call" I laughed at her obsession.

"Okay, okay I will. So either way, he came to my house not for work but to hear me sing. He said that maybe, if I wanted to I could audition for the X Factor."

"Well... what did you say?!"

"Nothing. I ran away from the table. I didn't know what to say." I sigh putting my head in my hands.

"Well if you want some advice about taking the opportunity or not?.... I'm here for you you know that." She says rubbing the back of my hand with her palm. I slightly nod in response.

"If you were me.... what would you do?"

"Hmm..." She thinks tapping her drink

"Well darling, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If I were you I would take it. But it's your decision and nobody is pressuring you. okay?" I nod. I will think about that later, 'cause it's true.

"Either way, changing subject, do you wanna come to my house. My dad is coming home late and he put Jason in charge so he's inviting Luke over and it shouldn't be awkward 'cause Liv is visiting her Grandparents for the weekend" I smile brightly at her whilst she chuckles.

"Well I wasn't going to leave you alone for the rest of your last day in London"

I laugh as we continue talking about girly stuff but finally decide to go home.

"I'M HOME!!" I shout through the house leaving an eco come its way.

"Well I guess we're alone for a few" I shrug and head for the living room. "Oi, do you wanna watch a movie?" I say turning on the telly and searching through me DVD's "Sure. Do you have The Notebook?" "Yep." I insert the movie into the DVD player. I go to the kitchen and get a Ben & Jerry's from the fridge and two spoons. Then go to the bathroom and grab a roll of toilet paper and re-enter the living room. "You know me so well!" she says opening the ice cream and scooping it. She presses play and the movie begins.

After the movie, 2 Ice creams, and a roll of toilet paper ended, we decide to watch a scary movie. We decide to put 'The Conjuring' since it's the only scary movie I haven't seen. We were half way through the movie when it starts to get scary. By this point, Em and me were cuddled up in each others arms, with my hands on my face deciding or not to watch the damn movie.


Reallllllly long chapter. Enjoy. And please leave feedback really need it. Thanks!!!


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