Shadow Heart

Haunted by his past, Kai Eldridge tried his best to stay in the shadows. But, when he's told of a destiny he never knew existed, Kai wants nothing more than to maybe step out into the light. Even though the world he's meant to save doesn't want his help, he choses to save it by becoming the enemy. Because that world means everything to the girl he loves and the best friend he holds dear, so to Kai he's willing make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save it.


2. Pitiful Heart

  “Kai?” Eden said, her big green eyes staring at me with a worried expression. I glance up at her, but I say nothing, just like I normally do. With her, I could drop a pen and she’d be anxious or curious about it. “Are you okay? I mean, you seem… well, more apathetic than usual.” She said with a half-smile.

  I blink absentmindedly and turn my head back toward the window without even so much as a nod. Ever since I moved here a year or so ago, she’s been hassling me about making new friends and actually showing emotion. She wants me to join clubs and be sociable, but I can’t. She doesn’t get it.

  No one does. And no one will.

  I feel Eden glaring at me. “You know, you could be a little more grateful to me. I am the only friend you’ve got here.”


  I don’t have friends. She’s defiantly not my friend. I barely even consider her an acquaintance. But, still, for some reason she won’t leave me alone. If I’m not eating, she’ll buy me lunch. If I’m sitting alone, she’ll pull up a seat. If I’m looking out the window at the rain, she’ll worry until I speak. She’s like a sad little puppy that stays loyal no matter what. I could call her an annoying little pest and slap her across her pretty little face, and I bet she’d still talk to me.

  Eden sighs. “I just don’t want you to be lonely, Kai,” she says softly as she rests a gentle hand on my shoulder. “Could you at least look at me?”

  I shrug off her hand and frown up at her. “Look, I don’t need your pity, alright? I’m not your charity case.” I say so loudly that the entire class looks back at us. Great, more unwanted attention. This is what I get for having to move to a small town with my god-parents.  Everyone and I mean everyone wants something to gossip about. When you go to a small town, almost nothing ever happens there, so when something actually does, you better believe the whole town will hear about it by the next day.

  Eden looks at me jarringly. She opens her mouth as if she were about to say something, but then shuts it back again before she stalked out of the classroom.

  I didn’t mean to upset her so badly, but she doesn’t understand and I don’t even want to her try. I sigh and lay my head back on my desk. It’s only 8:50 in the morning and I’ve already pissed someone off.

  Just fan-freaking-tastic. 

  The bell rings a few minutes after Eden comes back from her tantrum. I hear Mr. Marshall’s footsteps walk into the door, followed by gasps. A crack of thunder roaring over the school building. “Okay, class, I’m going to need everyone’s attention. I have a few announcements I need to bring forth. That includes you, Mr. Eldridge.” Mr. Marshall calls me out.

  I raise my head up off of my crossed arms and look to the front of the classroom.  I see Mr. Marshall and a boy standing next to him. The first think I noticed was his rare violet eyes that stared back at me. Now I see what everyone was so shocked about. Well, I see why the girls were making a fuss, anyway. His light blonde hair staggered over his bright eyes and noticeably different style made me more than sure that he had money. Of course he did, people like him could get money just for looking that good. It’s always the ones who don’t deserve the luxury who get it.

  I may be prejudice about him, but most of the time my instinct is right. 

  “This,” Mr. Marshall says gesturing to the boy. “is Caspar Valoren, a new transfer student that just arrived yesterday from Ireland,” The class ooed and aahed. Truthfully I was just amazed that he would leave Ireland just to come to this crap-town. “And just in case you’re wondering, no class, he doesn’t have the accent.” 

  Strange, don’t people who live different places tend to pick up the accents? I glance over at Caspar and see that he’s eyes were already on me. I narrow my eyes at him annoyingly and look away.

  “Anyway, well, it seems we have a lot of open seats so just pick anywhere you want to sit.” Said Mr. Marshall.

  Caspar raised his hand and pointed with a smirk on his face. “I think I’ll sit right next to him.”

  Mr. Marshall frowned and leaned close to Caspar. He whispered something to him and I had to strain to hear what my teacher was saying. “Hey, kid, you sure you want to sit beside him? He’s kind of hostile toward the other students and I wouldn’t want you to – “

  “I’m sure, but thanks for the warning.” Caspar said and made his way toward me. His violet eyes didn’t move from mine. It felt as if he was testing me or something with his gaze. But, what used to be a smirk was replaced was with a line on his face. A cold and sullen vibe emanated from Caspar as he took the seat beside me. I swear, for almost a brief moment as he passed me, I felt like I was frozen with something that could only be described as utter fear – something I haven’t felt in a while.

  He glances up at me as he bends to put his books down. A small, barely noticeably smile slithers across his face and is gone in an instant. Something about him, maybe it’s just a feeling, but something tells me he’s a little different. Not in the good way either. I just know it. Call it a hunch.

  When I look up toward the front of the classroom again, I see that all eyes are on us, including Eden’s. Her big green eyes seemed more concerned than they were ten minutes ago.

  I sigh once more and again look out the window beside my desk. It was pouring outside. Thunder clasped in the distance and lightening lit up the sky like a car driving on bright. Maybe I’m just making a big deal, so what if this guy has unnatural eyes and a creepy vibe? I can’t freak out over every suspicious person I come across. This isn’t me. I’m not someone who gets afraid and intimidated over nothing. That’s just crazy and so is this messed up town.

  “Well, since we have that settled,” Mr. Marshall started. “It’s time to talk about the Total Eclipse that will be taking place in November. Total solar eclipses are rare events. Although they occur somewhere on Earth every 18 months on average, it is estimated that they recur at any given place only once every 360 to 410 years, on average. And on the 13th, it will occur here in the town of Ivory Woods. Also, did I mention we’ll be having a school formal to celebrate?”

  The class hooted loudly. Of course we would have a school dance because of this. This town practically celebrates anything worth celebrating. Hell, Eden even invited me to a doggy wedding between her aunt’s two poodles. If that’s not weird, I don’t know what is.

  “The day of the Total Eclipse is also a very tragic day, sad to say. Historians call the day Rubricam, meaning red earth in Latin. They say that after a fierce, drawn out battle that the ground was so bloodstained that it didn’t wash away for days. Historians still don’t know what exactly caused such a battle or most of what happened during it. The day still remains but a mystery for the history books.” said Mr. Marshall. A crack of thunder echoed throughout the building.

  A girl named Clarissa James raised her hand. “If such a horrible thing happened on that day, then why are we ever having a dance for it?” she said. A couple of girls glared her way. Clarissa wasn’t known for being the most popular girl and she defiantly didn’t fit in with Olivia Scott and her posy. So, she was pretty much that loner in the back of the classroom, well, the other loner in the back of the classroom.

  “Because people shouldn’t get stuck in the past. We should all move on and watch Ms. Lynch try to dance as the school formal instead of being sad about it. It’s what society wants.” Mr. Marshall said as he pushed his glasses farther up his nose. “So, if there are no further questions, I would like to get on to the discussion of modern science.” The class moaned at the thought of actually doing work and I did what I usually did - sleep.


  After the school day ended, I went home to find Eden sitting on my porch steps. She’s enough of a nuisance at school, but as fate would have it she lives next door to me. As I walked up she crossed her arms over her chest and looked up at me. “So, what was with you this morning?”

  I sigh annoyingly. “Like I’ve said, Eden, staying away from me is probably the best thing you could ever do.” I say going up the steps with my book bag slung over my shoulder.

  Eden grabs my hand before I could reach the door. “Come on, Kai,” She pleaded. “I wish you wouldn’t push people away. Trust me. No one wants to be alone.”

  I looked into her eyes and saw nothing but a girl who didn’t understand what I was going through. She was the type to pity others and sticks her nose in other people’s business. Eden was privileged; trying to be a friend to someone like me was just charity to her, a good deed to make herself feel better. And even if I were to trust her, she’d only end up like all the other people I let in – broken and damaged. People like me don’t deserve the kindness of people like her.

  For just a second, I actually want believe her, but instead I find myself pulling away from her. “Well I do.” I yell. I storm over to the door and put my hand on the door knob.

  “You can’t keep blaming yourself for whatever happened before you came here. And you can’t keep wallowing in self-pity over it either. I’m only trying to help, so let me.” Her words seemed so reassuring. If only it could be that way.

  “Stay away from me.” I say slamming the front door behind me, leaving Eden to herself.

  If only.

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