Loving Nico for a Day

What if you could love Nico for a day?Well Sydney is about to find out!Or will she have her heart broken when the day is over?


1. The Wish-Sydney's Pov

The Wish-Sydney's Pov

On my computer,I had finished up a Pjo rp.(Percy Jackson Roleplay) and went outside to look at the stars.I took out a picture of my favorite character Nico.Gods he's hot,but thats not why I love him.It's because he has a sad backround and needs someone to confort him even if he doesn't admit it.I want to be that some one.I saw a shooting star in the night sky and made that wish.Then I went back inside and pretended to be a daughter of Hecate in another rp.

*the next morning*

I woke up eyes still closed and walked slowly to the bathroom to brush my teeth like a normal teenager,but when I opened my eyes looking into the mirror I saw an older me.Like seriously 23 or something!My hair...oh my long hair is cut short!Like Hali Berry short!And I was dressed in NOTHING but an oversized t-shirt! "Oh my gods..."I said,"what the hell happened?!" I walked back into the bedroom and...oh my gods there was a shirtless man in my bed!Well not my bed...not my house!!The man turned over snoring.I recognized his face.It was Nico Di Angelo.

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