The 100th Hunger Games

What if the rebellion never happened? What happens when Katniss and Peeta just became mentors?

16 year old Anna Mercedes lives in District 11 in Panem. Her entire district loathes the games and is shocked beyond belief when Anna gets chosen. But this year there's a twist. Four victors are allowed to win.

17 year old Ella Richards lives in the jewel district, District 1. She gets anything she wants, and is not expected to even have a chance to be in the games. What happens when she isn't expected to survive?

The games have 48 tributes with four victors. What will happen? Who will Anna and Ella meet that they can't live without?


9. Chapter 9

Anna's POV

I stand there, mouth agape as I stare at the victors. One of them was a man with dark skin, wrinkles around the sides of his round brown eyes. He had a white and navy pinstriped button down shirt and black slacks. He sits at the table, drinking something out of a black bottle. The other Victor was a pixie looking lady with light blonde hair pulled into a low bun. Her eyebrows and eyelashes are a auburn color, revealing her natural hair color. She just had a baby blue cropped shirt with white jeans and black pumps that added at least five inches to her original height. Her pale arms had red scratches and but she didn't seem to care that we saw. She smiles at us, running her thumb over the oak grains in the table. "Hi there." Her voice was definitely surgically altered; it sound like sweet bells. "I'm Erin, the Victor for the 97th hunger games, if any of you remember it." I try to remember her, but nothing comes up. "And this is Hace." She gestures to the man next to her. "He's the Victor of the 89th hunger games." Hace stirs sugar into his cup and nods at us. Erin smiles. "We're your mentors." I chew my nails nervously. I decided that I liked Hace. He was quite large and calculated, but it seemed like he could keep my alive better then Erin. Belle seems to attempt to re enter the conversation and smiles at us. "I'll show you your living quarters. You may change before dinner if you'd like." She leads us down a plush green hallway and gestures to several doors. "Pick any one!" With that she disappears and I stand awkwardly with my fellow tributes. Jake sweeps into the first room and without hesitation, I go into the one across from his and lock the door. I'm utterly not prepared for what's inside. It's one of the biggest spaces I've ever been in; basically the size of my entire house. I felt like a child, staring at the buttons and contraptions in awe. The shower alone had at least one hundred different options. I didn't know what to do; all of them were unfamiliar to me. Some of the scents were weird too, so I just decide on a warm shower with a Cherry Blossom scent. I remembered Cherry Blossoms in district 11....... After I get out of the shower, everything was laid out for me. Immediate hair dryer, and a pad I stepped on that dried my body instantly. I walk over to a closet and when it starts talking, I spring back. Different images appear on the little pad in front of the closet when I realize. I could choose anything I wanted. I click my usual style, and the closet opens, revealing a white satin dress that ended above my knees, and silver flats. What was I to argue? These clothes were better than anything I had at home. I realize the hair drying contraption slightly curled my blonde hair, leaving it in loose waves. As I click a little silver flower necklace around my neck, Belle raps on my door. "Dinner, Anna!" She chirps gleefully. I step into the hallway and follow the sound of voices to a dining room I've never seen before. I was the second tribute to reach the table, and I sit next to Zach, smiling ruefully. "How's your room?" I make attempts at conversation. Zach stares at his empty plate, chewing the inside of his cheek. "Bigger than any room I've ever seen." He whispers. I don't have time to reply before Terra glides in wearing a emerald dress, sitting across from Zach. She already had his attention and I squeeze the tablecloth. Was I really that ugly? Her black hair was straightened and brushed her porcelain face smoothly. Sadly, Jake sits next to me. "Hey there Angel." He says softly so that only I could hear. I scowl and move my arm in between him and me. The food gets whisked in immediately, and I couldn't help but stuff myself. I've never had this food, so much and so good. The rich fare came in courses, and I knew I should pace myself, but I couldn't stop. I look over at my fellow tributes and see them gorging themselves too. By the time the cheesecake came around, I was stuffed. I forced to hold the rich stuff down. If I could hold down spoiled mushrooms and tree bark, I was determined to keep this down too. Even Jake looked a little green. I didn't like the delicacy they called cheesecake even though it didn't contain any cheese, that much. I picked out the strawberries though, and sucked on those. Zach seemed to love it, but he couldn't eat anymore. As we dried our hands and covered our burps, Belle gave us the downplay on what to expect tomorrow. As soon as we reached the Capitol, we'd go into the Remake Center. We weren't going to refuse anything they did to us under any circumstances. I blocked out most of what Belle says after that, everything lolling into her peppy annoying Capitol accent. "Goodnight guys! I'll see you in the morning!" She says loudly and I snap out of my trance, standing up and walking back to my room. Once I get inside, I change into a baby pink satin nightgown looking thing. It ended below my butt with lots of frilly layers. I feel glad for the puffy sheets and fall asleep instantly.

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