The 100th Hunger Games

What if the rebellion never happened? What happens when Katniss and Peeta just became mentors?

16 year old Anna Mercedes lives in District 11 in Panem. Her entire district loathes the games and is shocked beyond belief when Anna gets chosen. But this year there's a twist. Four victors are allowed to win.

17 year old Ella Richards lives in the jewel district, District 1. She gets anything she wants, and is not expected to even have a chance to be in the games. What happens when she isn't expected to survive?

The games have 48 tributes with four victors. What will happen? Who will Anna and Ella meet that they can't live without?


3. Chapter 3

Anna's POV

My breath whooshes out of me and everything seems to move in slow motion. I couldn't hear anything, my ears ringing. Kat's mouth moves but I can't hear her, red braids flying. Her face is pale, and the people slowly part from in front of me. I look at my older sister Swan. Her face is pale, and I mouth to her one word. Please. She looked petrified. I'm so sorry. She mouths back. Tears of betrayal pinch my eyes as the peacekeepers grasp my upper arms and roughly pushes me to the stage. I loose my balance and fall to my knees. My world seem to spin out of control, and I squeeze my eyes shut. "Anna!" I hear several different voices shout my name. "Anna." Trait's husky voice brushes against my ear. My heart picks up speed, and I latch my fingers around his bicep. "Don't leave me Trait please." I beg, tears rushing down my cheeks. His thumb brushes them away and I see his sky blue eyes. "You're stronger then them Anna. Stop crying." But I couldn't, and I shook violently. "Anna." He cups my face and forces me to look at him. "Stop. Crying." I tug violently on my lower lip to keep from crying when Trait gets yanked back. "Trait!" I holler, lunging towards him. The peacekeepers haul me to the stage, and I pull my hair out of my mouth. Belle leads me to the mic and I stare at the peacekeepers pull Trait away. He was probably going to get beaten. But.......why? "So you're Anna, huh?" Belle grins happily. My eyes sweep over my parents, my mom's worn face framed by dark brown hair. Her body hunched on agony. "The one and only." I murmur. She trills with laughter and district 11 is as still as stone. I watch Felix's pale face and I put a finger to my lips. He nods but his eyes water. I couldn't look at Swan, but I knew she was trying to get my attention. "Next girl!" Belle giggles and reaches one hand into the bowl again. She rummages around, and I silently pray for Kat's safety. "Terra Dupree!" I pop my eyes open and watch as the thirteen year olds push away to reveal a girl with jet black hair in a high ponytail. Her face was pale and her jaw was tight. She had different bracelets all the way up her left arm to her elbow and a yellow blouse with a white skirt. Her flats drag on the concrete as she makes her way to the stage. I felt so sorry for that little girl- she was going to die. She purses her lips and Belle hands her the mic. Terra swallows. "Hi." She breathes. "Give it up for our female tributes of district 11!" The only sound is the wind, and Belle coughs in embarrassment. "The men!" She rummages in the bowl, and I glare at it as she fishes a paper out. "Jake McCartney!" From the eighteen year old section, a boy with auburn hair was already pushing through the crowd, hatred burning in his green eyes. He stands next to me, and I see his Adam's apple bob as he stares out into the crowd. Belle takes the hint and doesn't say anything. "Our last gentlemen!" She fishes into the bowl and pulls out a last slip of paper. "Zach Beckum!" I hear a sharp cry as Zach swaggers to the stage, biting his lip. He takes his place next to Terra and we grasp hands before we get shoved into the Justice Building. I didn't know if I could handle seeing everyone for what would probably be the last time.

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