The 100th Hunger Games

What if the rebellion never happened? What happens when Katniss and Peeta just became mentors?

16 year old Anna Mercedes lives in District 11 in Panem. Her entire district loathes the games and is shocked beyond belief when Anna gets chosen. But this year there's a twist. Four victors are allowed to win.

17 year old Ella Richards lives in the jewel district, District 1. She gets anything she wants, and is not expected to even have a chance to be in the games. What happens when she isn't expected to survive?

The games have 48 tributes with four victors. What will happen? Who will Anna and Ella meet that they can't live without?


11. Chapter 11

Anna's POV

I growl as they scrub some gritty foam off my body with a hard bristled brush. "It hurts that much?" One of my stylists, a man with dark blue hair tied in a low ponytail they called Cacius, purses his enhanced, puffy lips. I narrow my eyes at him and a rail thin woman, Leia, giggles. Her skin was a baby pink color, and she had dark green jewels embedded in her icy blue eyes. To me, it was a mystery how she could even see. The only thing normal about her was her long black hair that was tied up in elaborate braids, the same hairstyle one of the victors, Katniss, had a handful of years ago. Bice, my other stylist, yanks away my towel. "Love, I'm going to need you to stop sucking in your stomach." Bice complains. I look at him in confusion. "I'm not sucking in anything." He groans. "Guys! We have nothing to work with! Blake won't want to see her like..." He glances at me. "That." I cover my body self consciously. "Can we this?" Leia gives me back my robe and I eagerly tie it, happy that they can't make fun of my body anymore. "Cacius, Leia, Bice?" A lady with a voice as smooth as water enters the room. They leave immediately, muttering something about how glitter could look good in my hair. The woman walks around me in one circle. "Didn't have much to eat in District 11, huh?" She says gently. I decided that I liked this woman. "You must be Blake." She smiles and nods. "You must be Anna, the jeweled blonde everyone seems to be babbling about." I laugh. "Oh I'm far from being a Jewel. But Blake......I don't know what I'm going to do." She grins at me. "Anna you know what I'm going to do? I am going to make the name Anna Mercedes unforgettable."

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