The 100th Hunger Games

What if the rebellion never happened? What happens when Katniss and Peeta just became mentors?

16 year old Anna Mercedes lives in District 11 in Panem. Her entire district loathes the games and is shocked beyond belief when Anna gets chosen. But this year there's a twist. Four victors are allowed to win.

17 year old Ella Richards lives in the jewel district, District 1. She gets anything she wants, and is not expected to even have a chance to be in the games. What happens when she isn't expected to survive?

The games have 48 tributes with four victors. What will happen? Who will Anna and Ella meet that they can't live without?


1. Chapter 1

Anna's POV

I was happy that the district had the day off in the fields; but today was it. Reaping Day. I was praying that I don't get picked, which in my mind, wasn't very necessary. No one I've ever known was picked for the games, so I didn't worry that much. I take an apple off the kitchen table and walk to me and Trait's tree. Trait was my best friend, but he changed since his sister died last year in the games. When I get there, I see Trait leaning against the base, cigarette between his lips. Trait was much richer than me- he could afford luxuries like cigarettes and pastries. I walk next to him and nudge his shoulder. He grins and takes the cigarette out from between his teeth, letting the smoke waft into the air. "Scared outta your mind, baby girl?" I roll my eyes and lay my head on his shoulder. "You should be scared too, Trait." He grins at me. "Is that so?" I nod, my hand falling and grasping his. I couldn't bring up Ulla. He was especially upset because she was only thirteen. I watched the games with him when she died, and when the arrow hit her skull, he let out a tortured scream and I stayed with him. I had to stay with him and do everything for him for three days. He didn't speak for three days. Didn't move on his own for three days. And the first words he spoke were I……kill……all……them. I was worried about Trait, but things seemed to start looking up for him. "You're only seventeen. The odds might not be in your favor." He chuckles a little at the over used term. "Lower your voice Anna, we're not in private." I put my hands on my hips. "We basically are." The street was empty of people and everything, all the doors sealed and locked. He shakes his head, dark brown hair shaking a little. "Anna, you know what I mean." I sigh and sink to the ground. Trait sits next to me and I lay my head on his shoulder again. "Blondie, get into a pretty dress. The reaping is in a hour." "Oh gosh!" I leap up, and offer him my hand. He brushes me off but I see his face wince in pain. Before his family became rich, he tried to steal a flower for my birthday, and the peacekeepers gave him a knife to the knee. I felt really bad after it happen, and I still blame myself for the slight limp he now had. "Go Anna." I bite my lip and nod, turning around and walking away.

I put on an old velvet red dress of my older sister's that ended at my knees with golden flats and my gold cross necklace. I let my blonde hair brush my shoulders and look at my light green eyes. I couldn't wait until the bonfire tonight after the reaping. I missed the little white puffs they called marshmallows and cylinder shaped sausages. I couldn't wait to feel the soft sugar on my tongue. "Anna, honey, come on!" I run a hand through my hair and follow my mother, older sister Swan, and younger brother Felix. When we get there, I hug everybody quickly. Felix was on edge; he was twelve, and it was his first year. I bend down and hug him, brushing blonde hair out of his already tear filled eyes. "It's okay." I whisper softly. "Don't cry Felix, nobody's gonna get chosen." He grips my wrists. "Promise, Anna?" I bite my lip and hug him again. "Promise." Then he walks off to his section, standing stiff. "Anna, you shouldn't make promises you can't keep." I tilt my head up a little and meet the dark blue eyes of my older sister, Swan. Her red hair blows in the wind a little behind her and she looks at me, practically glaring, arms crossed. She hugs me anyway, but bites her lip as she releases. "Whatever happens.......May the odds be ever in your favor." She grins and bows before walking off to the eighteen year olds. Lucky her, it was her last year. I make my way to the sixteen year old section next to my best friend Kat. We exchange greetings and quick hugs, far two nervous to say anything major. Belle Murray, the spokesperson for our district smiles at us, pale blue hair pulled back into a low bun. She grins, lips sparkling. "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 100th annual Hunger Games!" She claps her hands happily as the district stood as still as stone. You could hear the breeze shake the trees in the orchard, and I pull a stray hair out of my mouth. She coughs and smiles again. "This year it's the quarter quell! Yay! But there's a twist this year. There are 48 tributes." I suck in air, standing stiffly. "But this year, there can be four victors." The crowd murmurs and she taps the microphone. "The time has come to choose four honorable men and women to take part in this year's Hunger Games. As usual, first up, the ladies!" She clicks over to the woman's bowl. The whole district was eerily silent and my heart pounds as she pulls up the first name. She unfolds it and smiles. "Anna Mercedes!"

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