My Phone

These days in pockets, purses, bags, etc., people always have their phone. Hannah is just like the rest, phone is a necesity...

1. School

It's Monday, the worst day of the week, and I am waking up to the sound of my screaming younger sister. 


"Leave me alone," I reply as I roll over in bed. 

"You have 20 minutes before we are both late," she says in a sassy voice, "I didn't want to go anyways."

"Shit." I whisper. 

I bounce up off my bed, the bottom bunk, the top is my sisters. I grab the tshirt and shorts that were on the top of the drawers, a marron v-neck with dark denim shorts. I find my white nike crew socks and my white low top converse. I zoom down the hallway and slid into the bathroom. I quickly brush my hair and teeth, apply some mascara and lip gloss. I walk down the stairs, retreving my backpack on the way. 

"LIZ IM LEAVING NOW," I yell back up the stairs. I turn around, open the door and leave to my red Jeep. You know those Jeep's that can have the doors off, thats my car. I wanted to have the doors off permiately but my parents told me otherwise, since I have to drive the rest of the children around. 


I am Hannah Carie Jones, a 16 year old junior at Sun Flower, yes I know the name, highschool. My parents both work full time after having the 4 of us kids. I'm the oldest, with Elizabeth, who we all call Liz next. She is 14 and a freshman. The younger ones are twin boys age 12, Andrew and Ryan. They are in 7th grade at the middle school connected to the highschool. 

The middle school starts an hour or so after us, so I only need to take my sister to school. 

Finally, Liz is in shotgun in my car, I start it and zoom off. My phone starts buzzing, crap I forgot Emma needed to talk to me this morning. Emma is my bestfriend and I have known her for almost 12 years, more than half my life. 

"hello.." I answer trying to ignore Liz singing and putting the rest of her makeup on. 

"GIRL YOU NEED TO LOOK AT FACEBOOK," she couldn't have said that any faster.

"okay i will, let me get to school first, see ya there,"

"kaaaay bye," she clicks end. Liz is continuing to sing Fancy by Iggy Azaela, I start to join in too as i am turning into the stundent parking lot. Spot 203, for the past year and a half this has been were my baby stays. Yeah, I call my car baby, don't judge. As I park, I look down, we have 3 minutes until the late bell rings.

"Hey Liz, text me later, I gatta go and you should probably run." She says bye as she jumps out of the car and starts sprinting to class. I casually walk, thinking about what new thing I will learn about Jeremy today. 

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