The Heart Never Lies

"I never thought about the risk we're taking. If we get caught, it could be the end of everything. But, being with him feels so good and so right. My heart can't lie... I'm in love with him."
Aaron has always felt different from his other classmates. As his senior year begins, he claims that he's changed over the summer break, but soon finds out it isn't that simple. After having been beaten unconscious during the lunch period, he's sent to the nurse, only it's not what Aaron expected. When a boy almost Aaron's age tries to help him, he's a little more than confused. An almost angelic looking boy is suddenly at Aarons beck and call. And maybe, just maybe, Aaron likes it. Soon, Aaron starts to have feelings for his attractive and alluring school nurse. But dark family secrets and lies threaten to tear them both away. Betrayal is taken to a new level as Aaron unravels the secrets around him. As things take a turn for the worst, what will Aaron do if he loses what he loves the most?


1. Same Changes

        (Picture is Aaron)


         © Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved to BookloverAyame-chan!



          This is it; new year, new life, new me. I've changed over the summer. I'm not Aaron Samuels the geek in fifth period algebra or the kid who spends all his dad's money on art lessons, I'm the new Aaron Samuels. I am now the guy who has a scholarship to art school next fall and who got a C in algebra last year. I'm not a geek, I'm not an art freak, and I'm defiantly not taking my senior year for granted. This is it. I'm a new person. I have a new beginning. And I will not be an outsider anymore. Not ever again.

        Something that hasn't changed though is me and my best friend, Stella, mysteriously always getting in the same class. Ever single year, since grade school. That's how she became my friend in the first place when in second grade I was the only person she knew from class. Stella didn't need me though, she could make friends with anyone, that's just her personality. Stella Walton, A.K.A. one of the most popular girls in school, waited for me at her desk. She had her foot propped up on the desk beside her. Her bright smile greeted me as she waved her hand for me to come over. "I saved you a seat." she said putting her feet down.

        I always felt like she was somehow pitying me. I'm more of a loner and it's like she's just being my friend because I really don't have any others. Don't get me wrong, she's great. I just wish things could be different. "Thanks," I say quietly as I slide into the desk beside her. 

        "Welcome," she smiled. "Did you tell your mom about art school yet?"

        I sigh. This isn't exactly small talk. "Of course not. If she knew I was doing something as unfulfilling as art I wouldn't even be here. Besides, she's not even around for me to tell her about it." I say taking out my notebook and pen. My parents are split up. Most of the time I stay with my dad and little sister, but when we stay with our mom it's a different story. My mom is never home and is always working on the latest news report. When I'm over at her house, we don't even see her unless she comes home for a file or something. Other than that, she mine as well be a stranger to me and my sister.

        "I know, I just wish she'd give you a chance." she said flipping back her light brown hair.

        "Yeah, you and me both." I tell her just as the bell begins to ring.

        Our teacher, Mr. Howell, drags his feet into the classroom. His expression was blank, with bags under his eyes and his hair flying everywhere, he picked up a piece of chalk and began writing his name on the board. With a long sigh he turned around and faced the class. "I'm your teacher, Mr. Howell. Most of you probably know me, but I'm required to introduce myself. So, hello class," He said tediously. "I'd like to get started with a lesson on one of Shakespeare's most well-known works called Romeo and Juliet. The tale of two star-crossed lovers who go to the extremes for their forbidden love affair."
        The class continued with more lectures about Shakespeare and his work. Somewhere in the middle of it all I zoned out. I begin to only hear bits and pieces of Mr. Howell's teaching. My mind just sort of wondered off to a dreamland or something. I kept thinking about how different today feels, its almost like I'm waiting for something to happen.
        My morning classes seemed to go by quickly and before I realized it the bell rang for lunch period. I pick my books up and leave the classroom. Most people don't really eat lunch in the cafeteria, they eat outside in the court yard or on the roof. Some people just hang out and wait for their next class. But, I usually grab lunch and meet Stella somewhere at one of the school buildings. Our school is made up of three separate school buildings that are all connected by long sidewalks. As I walk to Building A for lunch, someone grabs my arm and pulls me behind the side of the school.

        I feel myself get pushed up against the side of the wall. When I look up I'm surrounded by the worst possible people that I could run into. The school thugs have me pined to the wall with angry looks on their faces. It's not that I'm a weakling that they pick on me, I'm actually pretty well build, but it's rather because they know I can't fight back. I'm that person who would rather take a hit than hit someone else, mostly because if I did get into a fight it would go on my permanent record and my dad would lash out at me. My father doesn't like it when I get into trouble, so most of the time I try my best not to. But, it's times like this where I really have no choice up to let myself get beaten up.

        "Where's your little girl friend, Aaron?" said Kiba. He's the school quarter back and likes to punch anything that moves past him. He isn't the brightest person either. "Did that little hottie finally get fed up with you, huh?"

        I frown. "She's not my girl frien-" My sentence was interrupted by a punch in the face from Kiba.

        "I didn't say you could talk, asshole." he said harshly and tightened his grip on my arm. I feel a warm liquid trickle down the side of my mouth and refrain from wiping it off.

        "Look, I don't want any trouble, okay?" I say pleadingly.

        Kiba smiles at the guys behind him and turns back to punch me again. I hit the ground with a thud. Rocks pinch the palms of my hands as I try to hold myself up. Kiba and his friends kick me in my stomach, pushing me against the wall. They keep kicking and kicking and kicking until I hear Stella's fair voice yelling for help. I lie there on the ground unable to move, unable to even fight back now. My eyes get heavier and heavier as I feel myself blacking out. I let my eyes close and succumb to unconsciousness.


        I awaken in a white room. The beds were white, the curtains were white, even the cabinets were white. I lay there for a moment wondering where exactly I was before I realized I was in the nurse's office. I sit up quickly, big mistake, and let out a yelp of pain. Two hands push me back down with ease. "You shouldn't get up yet." said a deep voice. I look up to see a boy who didn't look much older than me. I almost gasp when I get a good look at his face.

        He was... beautiful.

        His amazing amber eyes had flakes of gold that made his eyes look like the rays of sunlight. His hair was a golden blonde that matched his eyes. He seemed to be touched by the sun himself. I almost didn't believe what I was seeing. He smiled a warms smile that made my face get hot. I couldn't even bring myself to speak to someone who looked so angelic. I never even knew humans were able to look this stunning and even if they did I never thought I would actually be so close to one.

        "Are you okay?" he asked with concern. I nod silently. He smiled once more, his teeth like white pearls. "Good."

        He was dressed in a white lab coat with a name tag that read Caspar Eldridge. The name tag also had our school name on it, Eldridge Academy. Wait... he has the last name of the founder of the school and he works here as the school nurse? This is either really good or really bad. He doesn't even look old enough to work here! He looks the same age as me! How could this be?

        He pulls out a stethoscope and leans over me. He puts the chest-piece over my heart and listens. It's only then do I realize he didn't ask for me to lift up my shirt, probably because I'm not even wearing one now. He puts the stethoscope around his neck and pulls down the sheet so that my entire upper body is exposed. Caspar frowns as he runs his hands over me. "The side of your stomach is severely bruised. Do you want to tell me what happened?" He said with a serious tone.

        I glance away from him. He may be cute, but he's still my superior at school. "Not really."

        "I see. How about I tell you want happened? You were minding your own business when Kiba Lance dragged you behind the school for a pre-lunch social, one where he and his friends beat you so horrendously that you went unconscious before help could even arrive. Does that about sum it up?"

        I purse my lips together, still not looking at him.

        "If you don't fess up, those guys will get away with it. Do you really want them not to get punished? Is it because they threatened you?" He asked.
        "No," I say loudly. "They... they didn't do anything, I just fell down some stairs, okay?" I lie. That's all I could do. If I told on Kiba, who knows what he'll do to me next? I can't risk that.

        The male nurse sighs. "Stairs, huh? Alright then." he says obviously not believing my lies. But, it's better this way. I only have to deal with Kiba for the rest of the year and then I'll never see him again. If lying to the most attractive man I've ever seen in my life makes sure of that, then fine. I can deal. "You should get some rest, but you'll be staying here for the rest of the school day."

        Surprise makes me turn and look at him. He was serious. I have to stay here for the next two and a half hours with him. I'm not complaining, it's just a shock. "Why?" I ask before I can stop myself.

        "Because even though you fell down the stairs I still want to keep an eye on you. And make sure the stairs don't cause anymore trouble." he says pushing back his blonde hair from his golden eyes. He walks over to his desk and sits down and begins doing paperwork. The hair that he just pushed back already falling into his eyes as he leans over to write. He is so out of my league, he's so exotic and new and everything I'm not. And he's another guy, that's about all we have in common. He's also my school nurse, being with him or even remotely close to him probably won't be happening in my future. I said I changed over the summer and I thought I did, but now that I'm around someone like him it's obvious that I was wrong. I do as he says and turn over and shut my eyes.

        Looks like I haven't changed much at all.

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