The Heart Never Lies

"I never thought about the risk we're taking. If we get caught, it could be the end of everything. But, being with him feels so good and so right. My heart can't lie... I'm in love with him."
Aaron has always felt different from his other classmates. As his senior year begins, he claims that he's changed over the summer break, but soon finds out it isn't that simple. After having been beaten unconscious during the lunch period, he's sent to the nurse, only it's not what Aaron expected. When a boy almost Aaron's age tries to help him, he's a little more than confused. An almost angelic looking boy is suddenly at Aarons beck and call. And maybe, just maybe, Aaron likes it. Soon, Aaron starts to have feelings for his attractive and alluring school nurse. But dark family secrets and lies threaten to tear them both away. Betrayal is taken to a new level as Aaron unravels the secrets around him. As things take a turn for the worst, what will Aaron do if he loses what he loves the most?


3. Pretender

     That evening when I got home I was thinking about anything and everything that had to do with Caspar Eldridge. Even as I walked through the front door, talked to my sister, and ate dinner, Caspar was still on my mind. And now as I lay here trying to fall asleep, he’s in my thoughts. I can still remember the look on his face as I pulled away from him, the warmness of his fingers around my face fading quickly. He seemed so disappointed and I felt guilty because of it. Yes, I like him, that’s obvious. But, right now all I know about him are the things that I remember from a long time ago and up until earlier today.

     I know that he’s wealthy (like me), extremely attractive, and a doctor. But other than that, I’m at a loss. So how do I really even know if I like him, truly? I know I like his face, but other than that I don’t know enough to even consider the fact. So, really, why do I even care? I’ve met him today, officially that is. He’s still a stranger to me.

     He is really gorgeous though. But, what can I do? Get to know another guy with the possibility of us actually dating? I don’t think so. My family would have a field day over that and probably disown me. Besides, he’s probably straight anyway. And me? What am I? I like girls, but… I also like him. So what do I do? Ignore my feelings for the sake of my future? Can I really withstand that kind of heartache and regret of not trying?

     I sigh and turn over in my bed. I’ve been restless since I put my head to the pillow and it’s already two in the morning. I should just go to sleep. Besides, there’s no use in worrying about something that will never happen. How can I feel this way about a total stranger?


     I sound like such a girl! Guys are supposed to think like this! Why do I feel so strange! I barely know the guy! Just calm down, Aaron. I. Need. Sleep. Later that night, surprisingly I fell fast asleep to the thought of Caspar Eldridge’s face.

     “Aaron… Aaron, wake up!” said a noisy female voice. “Aaron, if you don’t get up we’ll be late!”

     I could feel my body being shaken and that same person pulled the covers off of my body. I snatched them back up. “Five more minutes…” I pled.

     “No way! I will not be late for my second day as a freshman! And if you make me miss my appointment with that cute nurse, so help me Aaron! GET UP!” My sister screamed in my ears. Now I defiantly knew who it was. Only she could stress over something so unimportant. Wait, did she say cute nurse? Does she mean Caspar? Does she not remember him either?

     “Alright, chill yourself. I’m getting up.” I say lazily as I stretch out.

     She sighs. “I swear. You’re going to be the death of me.” 

     My expression goes blank. “Don’t say that.”

     She gives me a sympathetic look. “I’m only joking. You won’t be the thing that kills me,” she smiles despondently. “That will be the cancer’s doing.”

      I sit up and frown at her. “You’re not going to die.”

     She laughs half-heartedly and sits down beside me. “You know that’s not true. I have stage three lung cancer and there’s nothing you could possibly do about it. I’m going to die, that’s how it is. You should know this better than anyone.”

     I look away from her. I know this, but I don’t except this. She can’t leave me. I won’t let cancer have its way. Taking her away from me is like taking away my very own life. She’s my little sister. I’m supposed to be looking out for her. But, now, I can’t do anything but sit and watch her die slowly. This isn’t what I want for her. This isn’t what she wants for herself. But, inevitability can’t be helped. She’s going to die, but not without a fight.

     Later that morning after I got to school, Stella was waiting in the hallway by my second period class. She gazes at me, clearly concerned. As soon as I get within hearing distance she immediately begins to nag. “I was so worried about you! Kiba hurt you so badly and you still didn’t say anything! I saw the whole thing, how could you deny what he did to you! Are you stupid?!”

     “Just let it go, Stella.” I say harshly. She doesn’t get it. If I say something then who knows what’ll happen? Kiba is ruthless. That’s why no one confesses. Only one more year, I can deal with that. It’s fine. I’m fine.

     “What? Are you serious? How can I just let it go? You’re my bestfriend. Kiba crossed the line. If you don’t say something, then I will.” She says stubbornly as she begins to walk off. I grab her arm tightly. “Ow, you’re hurting me.” 

     I narrow my eyes. “Don’t you dare say a word, this has nothing to do with – “

     “Mr. Samuels,” says a familiar deep voice. I look up to see Caspar glaring at me, coffee in hand and an arrogant-angry look on his face. “May I speak with you in private?”

     My heart races. I’ve upset him. What do I do? I can’t be with him… alone. What if something happens? “S-sure.” I release Stella’s arm. She didn’t look mad, she just looked like she was still worried about me.

     I follow Cas-, err, Mr. Eldridge to his office. Which is basically the nurse’s room with a desk in the corner. He walks over to his desk and puts his coffee down, but he doesn’t sit. He stands and gives me an expression I can’t read. “So, who was she?”

     “What?” I ask. I had expected a different question than this. Why is he asking about Stella?

     “You seem close to her, I was just curious.” He said glancing out the window with an unreadable expression.

     I blink. “She’s just a friend.” I said and noticed the tension in his shoulders subside. What I said seemed to have made him relax. Was it just me or was he acting strangely? He’s asking me these questions but, he seems distant or something.

     “I see. Well then I’m sure she won’t mind.” He says. I look at my hands. I was twisting my fingers nervously. Won’t mind what? What’s he talking about? I glance back up to see that Caspar has moved so close to me that I could hear his slow breathing. “Forgive me, but it seems that I need take action a little ahead of schedule.”


     Caspar grabs my jaw and wraps his other arm around my waist making it so that I couldn’t move. He leans closer and suddenly his lips are atop of mine. This is what I’ve been longing for, but it doesn’t seem right. I don’t understand why this so out of the blue. I thought he didn’t think of me this way. How did I misread him so badly?

     His tongue slips into my mouth and immediately I know that something’s wrong. I grab him tightly to keep myself from falling to the floor. My legs begin to feel weak for some reason. I try to push Caspar off of me, but he’s stronger than I took him for. I feel so… tired. What’s going on? Caspar’s golden hair tickles the side of my cheek as he presses harder against my mouth. I find myself clinging to him, struggling to even stay awake let alone stand.

     Why is he doing his? He seemed so nice and normal. Is he after my father’s money? Does he want some sort of ransom for my safety? But, he's as rich as I am. I don't understand! I can’t – can’t keep this up. I’m so sleepy, so weak and tired.

     The next thing I know is that everything suddenly goes black. I black out to the kiss of a stranger.     


***Sorry it took so long! The ideas weren't flowing as good as usual and I didn't feel like writing much. /: ***

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