I'm Trying (Completed)

I can't lie. I know he loves me. At least I think he does. I don't know what's real and what isn't, and I blame everyone. How do you fix a problem like this. You don't, you just don't. But what I did to him is horrible. He will never ever be able to fix it either. I know he wishes he could but he can't. If there was a solution to this goddammit someone tell me. I'm tired of living like this. I'm tired of living in general. At this moment I knew exactly how to fix this, It's not the best way, but to me It's the only way. He's gonna hate me. But I won't be here for him to tell me that ...

Kay so this is my first story and I know I'm not very good but I really just have ideas and I'm trying to turn them into something good so here my best shot at it. Please be completely honest about it.


10. Unreal


Kyra's P.O.V

I had finally convinced her to go back to Niall's place, and hang out with me. When we arrived at his place I glanced over at her, and her mouth was open. As if she wanted flies in her mouth. Weird. I opened my door and waited for her to get out of the car so we could walk in together just like friends. Niall opened the door, and we walked inside. She was just standing there in awe at the way the house looked, I think.

"Come here."

I went into the kitchen and she followed after. I sat down in a stool, and she sat across from me. We sat there in silence for quite a while until Niall came in and opened the fridge, not so quietly breaking the silence.

"What !? I'm hungry jeez !" He cried out.

She laughed. We both shot our heads at her, and she immediately stopped laughing and her face went red. It was quiet again. "Why don't you guys talk about that star book or whatever ?"

Both of our eyes widened. He rolled his eyes. He grabbed what he wanted and left.

"So what's your favourite part of the book !?" She almost yelled.

"Ummm I don't really remember the book ... all that well ... since the ... ya know ..."

"Oh right ..." it got quiet again.

"Do you like Frozen ?" she questioned once again.

"What's that ?" her face went so dead serious I thought she was gonna kill me.

"You don't know what Frozen is ?" I shook my head.

"Well, as my duty as your new friend, we will watch it soon !"

More awkward silence followed.

"Sooooooo ..."

"Sooooooo ..."

"Do you have a favorite band ?" I asked.

"Um ....... yah." Her face went red again.

"What one ?"

"You'll think it's silly ..."

"Try me."

"One Direction."

My outer self smiled largely. My inner self squealed with joy and excitement.


We both smiled hugely and sipped our drinks.

"Shit," she whined, slurping. Man that is the most annoying sound. "I'm out," she cried, shaking her empty cup. "Oh shit, I'm sorry. Is it rude of me to swear?"

"Are you kidding ? I swear all the time !"

It made me happy that we had so much in common, and we had only spent not much more than an hour together.

Xena's P.O.V

"Sooooooo ...."

"Sooooooo ..."

"This is going to happen a lot, isn't it ?" I giggled.

"Most likely."

We both shared a short laugh. Only to stop, look at each other, and burst out laughing again. We continued to do this for what seemed like hours but was probably no more than a few minutes. That was when Niall walked in and saw the two of us and gave us a raised eyebrow. This only made us laugh harder, and I doubt it sounded good.

"Kyra, it's getting late," he remarked.

"It is ?"

"Yup, it's already close to eight o'clock. Xena should really be going. She can come back soon, and you can text in the mean time."

"Yah, I really should be going, ..." I replied, a little sad to be honest.

"Alright, see you !" She yelled as I exited.

"See you !"

I was glad to have someone like her, even if at the beginning of the day I thought of her as criminally insane.

Niall's P.O.V

That laugh. Kyra's laugh. I hadn't heard it in a while, but damn was it like a symphony in my ears. If Xena could make her laugh harder than she had since the accident, by all means, they could hang out 24-hours. But right now, I needed a little Niall and Kyra time. So I kindly as possible showed her the door. After it was shut I turned to Kyra.

"It was only eight o'clock Niall. She could have stayed longer."

"I know. But I wanted to be alone ... with you."

I smiled my cute smile, and she trudged back into the kitchen.

"We'll order delivery, now what do you want ? Sushi ?"

"Hell no."

"Chinese ?"

"Eh ...... how about Pizza ? I think .... yeah"


Within an hour we were both having a late dinner under candlelight at the kitchen table. She wolfed down a whole five pieces, surpassing me at three.

"How can you eat that much?"

"Practice," she said, mouth full. After she swallowed she smiled victoriously.

"Everything is a competition and a game needed to be won with you isn't it ?"


I chuckled. That's my girl.

Not to long after we finished eating Kyra got up and left the room. And all of a sudden I hear a loud thud and a sigh.

"Um what was that ? Are you okay ?" I walked into the living room. she started to giggle uncontrollably. "Are you okay ?" I asked once again.

"Y- yeah" she said while laughing. "I dropped my crutch and, now I don't wanna get up and grab it" I smiled and, shook my head then left back for the kitchen to clean.

After I was done I went back into the dead silent living room only to find a sleeping Kyra. She is absolutely beautiful when she was asleep. I debated on wether or not to take her upstairs or leave her. Finally I decided it would be better for her upstairs in a bed where it isn't as easy to fall out. I took her crutch up first and, fixed the blankets on the bed then headed back down for her. Only to find she was on the floor. Face palm god dammit Horan ! get your shit together !

I carefully picked her up off the floor and, carried her up to the bedroom bridal-style ish. It wasn't easy considering she has a broken leg. We made it up to the bedroom and, I gracefully put her on the bed and pulled the blankets over her. I got ready for bed then laid down and sighed. I missed this. Her always being next to me and, laughing and, just everything.

She made a weird sound then jolted up in bed. I jumped. She looked absolutely petrified. As if someone just killed her cat or something. "You okay babe ?" I looked at her and waited for a few seconds. I got up and walked around to the other side of the bed and, helped her lay back down in bed. She zonked right out. Weird.

I remember her telling me that she used to have really bad night terrors but, that they only seemed to occur when she was scared or stressed.


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