I'm Trying (Completed)

I can't lie. I know he loves me. At least I think he does. I don't know what's real and what isn't, and I blame everyone. How do you fix a problem like this. You don't, you just don't. But what I did to him is horrible. He will never ever be able to fix it either. I know he wishes he could but he can't. If there was a solution to this goddammit someone tell me. I'm tired of living like this. I'm tired of living in general. At this moment I knew exactly how to fix this, It's not the best way, but to me It's the only way. He's gonna hate me. But I won't be here for him to tell me that ...

Kay so this is my first story and I know I'm not very good but I really just have ideas and I'm trying to turn them into something good so here my best shot at it. Please be completely honest about it.


1. Just The Beginning


Louis P.O.V

"NO NO NOOOOO!" I yelled at the television.
"Hahahaha! You lose again Tomlinson," Kyra said cheekily.
"Oh yeah .. well I bet you can't beat me in a real game of football," I challenged her.
"Pffft! Louis if you can't beat me in a video game how the hell are you gonna beat me in a real game?"
"You never know!"
"Ha ... Well I can't because I have to go to bed ... Super tired," she told me while she yawned and stretched.
"Didn't sleep well?"
"No ... I'm just really tired of kicking your ass!"
"Ha ha very funny! Now go to bed you little brat."

Wow I really miss having someone to do this with all the time. Maybe I should thank her mom for getting a divorce and re-marrying, nah that's just really bad. She may be my step-sister but damn she feels like my real sister.


Kyra's P.O.V

I sighed. Man why do these stairs always wear me out? Damn I'm out of shape!

*bzzz bzzz*

As I unlocked my phone and read the message I couldn't believe what it said. I dropped my phone and ran downstairs out-side into the car and drove to Taylor's.


I pulled into her driveway and all of the lights in the house were off which was weird considering she told me Liam's in the hospital. Running up to the front door I rammed the door open not waiting for someone to open the door.


Everyone was standing there all dressed up, my parents, my brother, grandparents, my best friends, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry. And then Niall comes running down the stairs yelling surprise hoping he didn't miss it. He was cute that way. He goes to Harry and whispers "I missed it didn't I ?" I smiled.

"Oh .... my god .. you guys ! .... LIED TO ME ?!" They all stood there silently just staring. "Hello ?"
Liam walks up to me. "Sorry love but .. it was all Taylor's idea."
I glared up at Taylor. Shaking my head, I walked up to her and gave her a big hug.
"Awe Taylor you're getting so much better at lying to me !"
"Haha shaddup," I rolled my eyes.
"So ... Lets get this party started !!!"


Niall's P.O.V

God did she ever look gorgeous. In her boot-cut jeans, low cut converse and her grey CoCo hoodie. She could look that amazing in a pair of sweatpants and a old ratty hoodie. I watched her and Taylor walk up to Tay's bedroom, probably changing.

"Hey Niall," I snapped my head backwards looking in the direction of the voice.

"Louis ! How's it going ?" I actually hadn't talked to him in a while.

"Pretty good, but I still can't beat Kyra in a game of football ! How do you always beat her ?" He looked really serious, like it was a serious problem.

"Uh .. I don't know ... I just beat her."

"Thanks for the great help man."

"Haha yah no problem."

We both walked over to table with the food and drinks. It all looked amazing, I'm pretty sure Kyra's mom made some of her amazing banana bread. Scanning the table I found it and my eyes grew large. Everything was decorated nicely. Lights were set up perfectly, food was all lined up properly, and presents were in one spot and one spot only, under the TV stand like always.

"So how bout that football game last night ?"

"Oh don't even get me started we played so bad ! I just didn't know we could be that bad at passing, corner kicks, and taking shots !" I guess I yelled cause from behind me Kyra touched my shoulder before speaking.

"Calm down tiger, it was one game. Yah it sucked but it was one game ! Maybe we'll do better next time," She half smiled.

"Your right," I sighed. "You look absolutely beautiful by the way." I leaned in a gave her a quick peck on the lips. I mean her half-brother was right there, and we're at her party with her family and that's just weird.


Kyra's P.O.V

"Okay everybody presents."

I loved hearing those words. Normally there isn't this many people at my party so that means I get more presents this year. Super excited too see what I get.

"Alright who wants to give Kyra their present first ? Tanya ?"

My mother made her way over to me, present in hand. "Oh yah sure. Here yah go sweetie I hope you like it."

She handed me the box. I slowly unwrapped the present. After finishing the unwrapping I see that she got me a new laptop, and my face lit up.

"Oh my god .... Mom, you didn't have to buy me a laptop. That just way to expensive of a gift Ma."

"No no it's fine your really needed it anyways. I know you could've bought it yourself but it's your birthday."

"Thanks mum love you," I gave her a huge hug, thankful for a wonderful parent like her.

After opening all of the presents, my grandparents left, as did my parents.

"Thanks for coming ! Bye !" I shut the door and sighed. It has been such a long night, it was really fun though. I'm actually kinda glad Taylor did this for me. It's not very often we do this kinda thing so it was nice while it lasted. But all good things must come to an end.

"Hey, uh I'm gonna take off now but thank you so much ! Taylor it was really amazing." I give her a hug.

"I'm glad you liked it and had so much fun ! So I'll see ya tomorrow ?"

"You betcha ! See you later !"


Niall's P.O.V

"I'm gonna take off too."

All the guys rolled their eyes at me. Taylor just laughed at them.

"Leave him alone guys," she said. "The poor boy hasn't gotten to spend anytime with his girl ... muffin."

Now I'm rolling my eyes. "Shut up Taylor."

"Haha ! Bye Niall."

"Bye Taylor."

Getting into the car, I drove home quickly then called Kyra to see if she wanted to come over. "Pleeeeeaaaaasssse I haven't seen you all day." The long please works every time.

"Niall we were together at the party the whole time-"

"-I know," I cut her off. "But that was with everybody, and now I wanna be alone with you."

"I'll be over in 5."

She hung up. Well seems like I'm pretty good at making my point. I grinned and began to wait for Kyra.

Kyra's P.O.V

I quickly hopped in the car and drove to Niall's. Damn that kid is way to hard to resist. He's 22 for gods sake. Oh my god .... I turned 21 ..... holy crap I'm old! Then again Louis turns 24. Damn, it was all so surreal. I pulled up in Niall's driveway, got out if the car and knocked on the door. As I waited for him to answer the door I was thinking .... Niall didn't give me a present. Hmmm. It was definitely a topic for discussion., and to chew him out on.

"Hey love."

God every time he says love I just melt inside. "Hi."

Niall's P.O.V

She came inside and hung up her jacket. Still looks to young to be 21 ...... wow.

"So how's it going babe ?"

"Uh I don't know ... Louis was telling me bout' how you keep beatin him in football."

"Haha ! Yup it's sad though cause it's just in a video game ..."

I smiled at her. She smiled back her huge ear to ear smile when she's super happy. But then it dropped and she got serious.

"So I wanted to ask slash mention something."

"Ok, ask slash mention something," I smiled mischievously, predicting her question.

"Alright so I noticed that you never got me a birthday present, and I was just wondering what that was about and why ?"

"Oh well I was saving your birthday present for later tonight," my smile grew larger and I wiggled my brow, hinting.

"Oh .... oh ..." She kinda looked a little worried but then I think she clued in. "Ooohhhh ... hah ! You mean ... like ... ya know ..." She blushed red as a tomato. She was just so adorable when she was flustered.

"Yah ... that."

I leaned In towards her and kissed her passionately. She kissed back more passionately leaning towards me. When she was practically laying on top of me she says, "Okay."

I picked her up bridal style and carried her upstairs to the bedroom not breaking the kiss. Once we got to the bedroom I slowly put her on the bed letting her roll me over and take off my shirt.

(And because I can't right that kinda ya kno stuff ... I'm going to let your guys imagination take over and yah)

I kissed her passionately and then into the night we went.

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