I'm Trying (Completed)

I can't lie. I know he loves me. At least I think he does. I don't know what's real and what isn't, and I blame everyone. How do you fix a problem like this. You don't, you just don't. But what I did to him is horrible. He will never ever be able to fix it either. I know he wishes he could but he can't. If there was a solution to this goddammit someone tell me. I'm tired of living like this. I'm tired of living in general. At this moment I knew exactly how to fix this, It's not the best way, but to me It's the only way. He's gonna hate me. But I won't be here for him to tell me that ...

Kay so this is my first story and I know I'm not very good but I really just have ideas and I'm trying to turn them into something good so here my best shot at it. Please be completely honest about it.


8. It's All I Need

Kyra's P.O.V

I woke up to someone sitting in the chair next to the bed. It was...Uh....Zayn! I have gave myself a mental high five to congratulate myself. He looked very calm and peaceful, very chilled and laid back. The doctor came in and told me I could leave, and said that I should take it easy for a while because of my broken leg. Zayn kindly escorted me out of the hospital, and into his car. I was tempted to ask where we were going, and what was happening but before I coy do speak Zayn already had.

"How are you feeling?" He asked looking into my eyes deeply. I bobbed my head side to side.

"I'm okay. And you?" His head turned back to the road.

"I'm okay." There was an awkward silence for a few minuets. Then I spoke, hating any more silence than I had already been through.

"So um where are we going, and what's like happenin'?"

"You and I are going to my place and chill out for a little while, then Liam's going to pick you up. Okay?" I must have looked scared cause he lightly laughed and said "Nothing is going to happen to you. Niall wouldn't ever let anything horrible happen to you again. And besides, I don't bite."

I smiled and we continued driving. We finally reached his place. He came around and helped me out of the car and into the house. It was huge. I followed him into a bedroom. It was very cosy with a bed, and dresser along with a bathroom.

"If you want to rest your allowed in this room, the living room or upstairs but that might not be a good idea." I smiled. "And if your hungry give me a shout and I'll get you something. Anything else?" I thought for a few seconds.

"Actually is it okay if we watch a movie I don't really want to be alone..." He smiled hugely.

"Yeah sure. What movie?"

"Um I don't know. You pick..."

He thought for a while then directed me to the living room. I sat down on the couch and he put a movie in. He turned around and looked at the other couch then the seat next to me.

"Do I smell that bad?" He laughed.

"No you don't smell bad...I just don't know if you want to sit by yourself or-"

"I'd much rather sit by you than alone" he said, cutting me off. The title of the movie came on screen. The Vow. Why does this sound familiar?

Not too long afterthe movie started I think I fell asleep because I felt like something warm had covered me up and made sure I was safe sound. Felt like arms wrapped around me. I fell into a deep sleep, and the stress of the world fell away.

I woke up and Zayn wasn't there next me anymore. I owner where he went I got up to find him. And then I heard the toilet flush, and he walked out and smiled.

"Everything okay?"

"Yeah it's all good," my stomach growled, and not low. I looked down and back up, puzzled. When was the last time I ate?. Well that's a little embarrassing.

"You hungry? Come here."

He lead me to the kitchen and made me a .... shit...what? "Here's a sandwich," that's what it's called.


Just as I finished eating my sandwich there was a knock at the door. Liam I'm assuming. Liam came inside and helped me out to his car.

"How you feeling love?"  Is that my nickname or something? Whatever...I like it better when Niall calls me that.

"I'm okay."

"That's good. So you and I are going to the mall and meeting the girls there, and probably shopping," he half smiled. I laughed.

"You sound very thrilled."

We both laughed. After a little while we arrived at the mall. He helped my into the mall and all the way to a place with lots of different food places. 3 beautiful ladies walked up to me and carefully tried to hug me around my crutches.

We went shopping for what seemed like hours on end. My foot that wasn't hanging behind me hurt. My underarms were sore from my crutches, and I was glad they were carrying the bags, or my arms would have hurt too. Taylor told me that I was going home with her to get ready (for what I was too tired to ask) and Amy handed me a bag. "Wear this along with the other things inside the bag" she smiled.

After we got to Taylor's she directed me upstairs to a bedroom.

"You can change in here. Come down whenever your ready. Just make sure your down here by 7." She smiled, and I nodded my head.

I turned the bag upside down and a dress, shoes, and makeup fell out if the bag. It's 6:30 so I have an half an hour to get ready for I don't even know what. The dress was a dark-ish blue without any straps. It had small jewels just above the ribcage and it was a shorter dress. I picked up the makeup and took it to the bathroom. As I was putting on eyeliner I couldn't help but think about that was going on, and why I was going with all these people to all these places. Was this a day in the life of typical me? I must have forgotten more than intended.

I had only put on some black eyeliner, and mascara with a little bit of eyeshadow. There was this round thing plugged into the wall with a red light on along with different settings. I fiddled with the settings, and picked up the metal part, but dropped it immediately.


I held my very red hand, and began to blow profusely on it, intending to cool it down. I heard footsteps running up the stairs. The bedroom door flew open.

"Oh my god what's wrong are you okay?" I nodded my head and pointed to the floor. Taylor laughed a little.

"You picked up the hot part of the curling iron?" I nodded my head. She smiled. "Here let me," she picked up the curling iron and started grabbing little sections of my hair and wrapping them around the metal part. Held it there for about 30 seconds then let go and my hair had circles in it. I touched it, and it was bouncy, and a little hot. So that's what heat does to hair....

"That's cool," After a while she finished and left me to put the dress on along with the shoes. I changed into the dress. It ended just above my knees. I went downstairs and Taylor was all dressed up as well.

"You ready?" she asked. I nodded my head. We both walked out to her car, and drove for quite a while. The car stopped at a park of some sort with trees that were glowing. I stepped out of the car and Liam was standing in front of me holding something with letters. It read Remember when we first met ?

I continued walking to Louis with another...SIGN ! that's what it's called. One more mental high five for Kyra. How I couldn't even function properly? I kept walking and the song that was playing when I asked you out is what Harry's sign read. The next person holding a sign was Perrie. Well if you don't that's what this is all for. Amy had the next sign so please sit and listen.

As I sat down I heard a beautiful strumming sound. From a...giraffe? No that's not right...g...guitar ? yeah! The beautiful sound was getting louder and closer. Then a gorgeous blue eyed blonde came over and started singing.

"If I'm louder would you see me? Would lay down in my arms and rescue me? Cause we are the same you save me, but when you leave it's gone again," then the strumming changed into another song I assumed.

"You're so pretty when you cry when you cry wasn't ready to hear you say goodbye, now you're tearing me apart tearing me apart you're tearing me apart.

Now I'm climbing the walls, but you don't notice at all that I'm going out of my mind all day and all night.

Though I try to get you outta my head the truth is I got lost without, and since then I've been waking up to only half a blue sky kinda there, but not quite walking round with just one shoes I'm half a heart without you, half a man at best with half an arrow in my chest I miss everything we do, I'm half a heart without you.

I said can I take you home with me she said..." He stopped for a few seconds. "If you remember me or anything from our relationship please say yes and let me have you back. If not just get up and leave."

He had just sung a few of my favourite solos that he ever sang, and that's all I needed to know that he truly still wanted, and loved me. And that was all I need. All I needed to know.



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