The Fan Girls

This is about a group of best friends, that get a chance to meet One Direction in a small room...
What will happen will Izzy and her friends fall in love, find new brother or make best friends


7. The Hospital

Chapter 7- The Hospital

Niall's P.O.V

"Izzy".... I yelled, But it was too late... I got to the road just as she got hit....

This was all my fault if I hadn't kissed her she would have ran...

I took my phone out and called 911 I'm so scared... what if its to late.... what if she's gone.... what if I never see her again.......

The ambulance was on there way, next I called Ally while I ran to to Izzy.

"Hi Niall" ally said bubbly.

"Ally, it's izzy.... we're at rose gardens...HURRY."

Ally's P.O.V

I just got off the phone with Niall, what could possibly have gone wrong. I called out to the girls....

"HANNAH, MADDY... something went wrong with Izzy, we need to go!"

I called a taxi and we headed to the gardens, we were almost there when we saw a police and an ambulance. I could help but think of the worst.

Then we saw Niall crying and we knew exactly what had happened...

Niall's P.O.V

"Yes, I know this girl.... She's my girlfriend for goodness sake please let me ride with her." I said with tears running out my eyes to the doc on the ambulance.

Than I saw Ally, Maddy and Hannah.

" Girls, Izzy's over here..... This man will not let me ride with izzy please tell them Im Izzy's girlfriend"

"Yes he is sir, I would know this because I am a really close friend to Izzy and have known her since third grade." Ally said backing me up.

"Is this true", he said to the others.

They nodded, and than he said that we need to go and that I could come. I jumped into the ambulance and i said that I would call then when we get there.....

We arrived at the hospital and they put Izzy into a room and said that I could not come in as they need to see if she did any damage and if so they needed to operate NOW!!

I was so scared and I didn't know what to do. I called the girls and they said that they were on their way.

Everyone was here now and it had been half an hour since Izzy had been in the operating room. Many doctors had come in and out of the room, I finally got the nerves to ask one of the nurses that had just come out of the room what was going on...

" Well she has one broken rip and a shattered wrist from how she landed on the ground and she hit her head hard coursing her a bad concussion. maybe even amnesia, we also have know idea when she will wake up.. it could be tomorrow it could be next month... I'm sorry"

I was shocked, this was all my fault..

*One week later*

Izzy still hasn't woken up.... I am so scared.......

What if she never wakes up??.....What if she forgets everything? What if she never forgives me??.....

What makes it horrible is that she isn't allowed any visitors until next week because of constant check ups and operations.

The nurse that told me what was wrong with izzy just came out again.

"Anyone here for Isabella Rose?" She called.

Me and the girls stood up.

"You may see her now, the operations finished earlier than we expected so you may see her now, but only one at a time....She is out of her concussion, but is still sleeping from the antistatic we gave her." "she should wake up tomorrow but don't know for shore."

"Um excuse me but is it possible if we could all go together." I said trying to remain calm. The only reason I asked this was because I was to scared to go by myself. The girls nodded agreeing.

"Well.... she is in a sort if big room, um..... it should be ok. We are also aware that she can hear what you are saying so keep quite and talk to her." the nurse said.

Izzy's P.O.V

Black, black black that's all I see, it was horrible. I than heard the sound of an old hospital door opening and it shut with a click. I could hear meany foot steps coming towards me. along with quiet voices talking to each other, but I couldn't make out what they were saying or who they are.

Niall's P.O.V

I CAN'T BELEVE IT! this was all my fault if I hadn't kissed izzy she wouldn't be here. she had a cast on her right arm along with bandage around her were she broke a rib and a tube thingy going into her left arm I think it was to get liquids into her body.

I couldn't hold it in any longer, I just let out a big cry, "how could I let this happen, this is all my fault, I am so sorry izzy." I cried.

Ally put one hand on my shoulder and one hand on top of izzy left arm.

"Niall it was not your fault, you couldn't do anything about it."

"Ally you don't understand if I hadn't kissed her this wouldn't have happened " I said starting to get cross.

"Niall, calm down you couldn't have done anything." Ally said.

Than Izzy's arm moved, we all went dead silent. it only moved ever so slightly, but just to realize.

Izzy's P.O.V

I could hear people yelling, it was giving me a massive headache. I heard someone with a strong Irish accent say "Ally you don't understand if I hadn't kissed her this wouldn't have happened"

There was more than one person in the room because next I heard "Niall, calm down you couldn't have done anything."

I must have jumped because of the loud noise, because the room went dead silent. I again heard the Irish accent say "izzy, I know you can do it! please wake up, I l...." I didn't hear what the rest of the sentence was because I deafening loud beeping noise filled the room

Niall's P.O.V

"Izzy, I know you can do it! please wake up, I lo...." a beeping noise filled the room. Than I realized izzy wasn't breathing.



Just then about five doctors ran into the room.

"Please stand back sir" a doc said



Beep, beep

Izzy was back! I had never been so happy in my life.

Not only was she alive, but just than her eye shot open.

Izzy's P.O.V

I could see, I was so happy.

I looked around and I was in a room with people around me, some looked like doctors but four of them I didn't know who they were.

"W-W-Where am I"

"W-W-Who am I?"

"W-W-Who are you?" I said looking at the four people around me, as they were the only people in the room, because the doctors had left.

Niall's P.O.V

My heart pretty much broke when Izzy asked who we were.

"Izzy, your name is Izzy." I said pretty much crying.

"Who are you" she asked us.

That's when Ally lost it and started crying along with the other girls.

"Izzy, it's me Niall"

"Ally, I knew you since third grade"

"Izzy you must remember me" She shook her head, "Its me Maddy"

"And who are you" Izzy said looking up at Hannah. "Hannah, come on Izzy please remember."

Izzy's P.O.V

"I'm sorry, I don't... I wish I did" I said. they all seem like amazing people, I wish I could remember.

I tried to get a better view at everyone by sitting up.

"OW" I wincing in pain.

"Izzy, lie down and just breath" An amazing looking guy said to me.

"What happened??" I asked.

Niall's P.O.V

Izzy just asked what happened, the other girls looked at me to because I haven't told them either.

I told them everything.... about the date and the kiss, everything.

As if on cue the nurse that told us about izzy came in just as I finished.

"Ok, Isabella I am just going to check your blood presser, your arm and your rib" she said

She picked Izzy's arm up and moved it. " does this hurt?"


Next she put her hand gently on were Izzy's broken rip was.

"Does this hurt?"

"A littl.. ow"

"Hmm" said the nurse, "she should be ready to leave next week."

"What is your birthday" she asked

"I don't know" izzy answered

"What is the last thing you remember?" The nurse asked

"Waking up today, that's its"

" I will be right back" the nurse said

"Ok, Izzy you can leave as soon as you can sit up comfortably, and you can walk with out pain"

*one week later*

Izzy's P.O.V

" Can do it! look, Im walking" I said to the four people that have been looking after me. I always forget their name, and sometimes my own. I still haven't gotten my memory back, which sucks because these people are amazing and clearly love me as friends.

"Right izzy, you are able to leave the hospital this afternoon. your wrist is healing and so is your rib." said a nurse. She looked at the four girls and one guy that always stay with me and said " if she doesn't get her memory back soon she may never get it back, so go though photos with her, maybe even go to places she might remember." "since you do not live in Ireland and I understand you are leaving next week I am booking you an appointment here in three days time at ten, for a final check up, than I am sending you info to your doc in England to continue with your check ups ok?"

"Yep" The guy said, "we will make shore she will go thank you so much"

" You may go"

Niall's P.O.V

yay we can go!

All we have to do now is get Izzy's memory back and I have the best Idea how to do it.

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