The Fan Girls

This is about a group of best friends, that get a chance to meet One Direction in a small room...
What will happen will Izzy and her friends fall in love, find new brother or make best friends


9. I Love You

Chapter 9 - I love you

Izzy's P.O.V

"Izzyyyyyy, your back!" Maddy said pretty much yelling at me.

"Have you got your memory back?" ally asked trying to remain calm.

I nodded, their faces were priceless.

"AHHHH, Izzy's back, now we with Niall??? Or have you or ready done that. " Maddy said cheekily. I think my face went as red as a tomato, and my checks felt to hot. Sadly Maddy noticed and Maddy being Maddy yelled "IZZY'S IN LOVE....IZZY HAS A CRUSH"

"Shhhhh" I whispered warning her "The whole building may hear you"

"Izzy... can we please invite Niall, I've never seen you to together" The girls begged together.

"Well..... girls can I ask you something?" they nodded

"Me and Niall, I don't think it will work I mean yes I-I like him, but Idontknowifhelikesme and what if he does I don't know what I would do?"

"Um Izzy there's something I need to tell you...... you know when you fainted on the plane.... well I asked Niall if he liked you and he said ye.."

"Ally your lying he would never love me!"

"No izzy listen to me this is what he said if you don't believe me talk to Niall your self" ally snapped at me

"Girls it's almost six do you want to grab dinner" Hannah quickly added in to get our mind of things.

After dinner on the way home Maddy and Ally and I were sitting in the back and Hannah in the front. I took be a little while to bring the nerves to ask ally a simple question "Ally, um can I have the bedroom to my self for about twenty minutes to myself so I can call Niall."

Ally nodded

"Thanks ally, for everything"

When we got home I went called Niall.


"Niall why me?"

"Hi Izzy... what do you mean by why me?"

"Why me..... Why do you care for me

... Why do you always.."

"B-B-Because I-I love you"

"Yes but wh.... did you just say.."

"Yes I did Izzy I love you!"

Wow Niall actually loved me, I mean I know ally said that but I didn't want to believe it. I also new that Ally never lies (well only if it is 100% need).

I can't believe it Niall loves me.

"But how he's a super star how could he love me?"

"Because I do, you talented, bubbly, amazing and yourself"

"Did I say that out loud... You weren't meant to hear that" I said

Everything went quite, for about five seconds when I heard The girls talking.

"Girls we really shouldn't be doing this, I mean Izzy told us to leave her alone remember" I heard ally whisper,

"Yes I know but this is so fun" "and its been twenty minutes" Maddy and Hannah said in sink.

They were most likely be leaning on the door, so to tell them I was pissed with them listening I opened the door and both Maddy and Hannah fell over. Omg that was so funny, forgetting that I was on the phone with Niall me and Ally cracked up laughing.

"What on earth is going on" Niall yelled though the phone

"Omg sorry Niall, I heard the girls listening to our conversation, and me knowing Maddy and Hannah they would be leaning on the door so I opened it and they fell over." I was still laughing while trying to explain.

"That's my babe"

"That reminds me Izzy do you want to book our flights all together, that way we can all be together."

"Um shore Niall, that would be great."

"Your on speaker now so we can work out when"

"Hi Girls"

"Hi Niall"

"So I was thinking that we could buy our tickets to we can sit together... I could sit with Izzy and you girls could sit together.... we could also buy a seat next to us so no stranger will be sitting next us...I-Is that ok?"

"Sure" the girls spat out before I got a chance to proses what Niall said let alone answer.

"Izzy? Is it ok" Niall asked

"Um s-sure"

"Niall we have to go, we will meat you here tomorrow to work out when..... 10 ok?"

"Cool, talk to you girls later.... Bye"


I was so scared, I was sitting next to Niall on a plane...


It's ten minutes till we are due to meet Niall, I'm so nervous since our unusual conversation yesterday. What is he going to think of me now, I just don't want stuff to get weird between us. I just so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't notice that Niall had come in and sat next to me.

"Hi babe" he whispered in my ear

"H-H-Hi Niall" I studded

Ally noticing that I felt un confutable she said " So do you guys want to go to a cafe to talk about the flight"

"Shore" Niall spoke in his amazing Irish accent

We hopped into his car and drove to what Niall said was the best cafe in Ireland.

The ride was silent... until Niall yelled "WHERE HERE"

that boy is so unexpected.

We sat down at the only free table and talked about what day we were going to fly out.

We agreed on two days time which gives Niall a week and a bit to catch up with the boys.

Once we had finished our little nibble of food Niall dropped us back at the hotel and than drove off.

It was about five ish now so we went down to the eating part of the hotel and got dinner. We all shared a large meat lovers pizza, I wasn't that hungry though because of the fact that not only am I going on a plane.. I'm going on a plane sitting with Niall.

"Izzy.... What's wrong.... you haven't been your self lately." Ally asked

All the girls looked at me and nodded

"Well... I don't know, it Niall I just well... I like him and he likes me but I just don't know if we right?"

"Izzy you will know, I mean look at the bright side you will get to talk to Niall for two hours on a plane." Ally said trying to comfort me.

I nodded and than we continued to eat. after we finished we walked up to our room and collapsed on the couch.

"Hey girls since we only have one more night her do you guys want to for to the pool?" Maddy asked

"We can invite Niall too" Hannah added

"Well... ok but I-I-I can't swim"

"WHAT.... SERIALLY YOU CAN'T SWIM!!" they said in sink.

"Is this why you alway ether say no or only if we can say in the shallow part, when we ask of you want to go swimming!?" Maddy asked.

I nodded

"Do you still what to go...... and if so with Niall?"

"Yes... I should be fine"

We called Niall and he said he would be her in ten minutes.

Niall's P.O.V

The girls just rang and asked if I water to go swimming with them. To be honest I would have been much happier if they asked when I dropped them off but I guess they wanted to eat. I just could what. I grabbed my swimming costume and swimming stuff and headed to the hotel.

When I arrived I took the lift up to their room and than we walked to the pool. Something wasn't right..... Izzy wasn't her self, she was very quite.

"Izzy what's wrong?" I asked

She didn't look at me, the others kept walking not knowing what was happening.

I walked back to Izzy since she was behind.

"Izzy.... if something's up... you know you can tell me right"

She nodded still not saying anything

We got to the pool and the other girls took their stuff off because they had put their swimming costumes underneath and jumped into the water. yet izzy stayed out

"Niall you coming in" the girls asked

"Yes.. Coming"

And I jumped straight into the water. it was so warm and refreshing. I watched as Izzy took off her stuff and walked over to the edge, I thought she was going to jump in but instead she sat on the edge of the pool with her feet swaying in the water.

I swam under the water and popped up in front of her.

"Izzy why won't you come in... its lovely?"

"B-b-because I-I c-can't s-s-swim"

Wow I wasn't expecting that

"Really?" I said a bit surprised

She nodded

"Well then..... I shall teach you!"

She must have thought that i was joking, than slowly realized that I wasn't.

She slowly slipped into the water, it was ruffly up to her waist. she only just got her cast off her arm.

"Niall I don't think I can do this"

"Yes you can, and I'm here for you if you help"

We slowly walked down to the deeper end of the pool. The water was just below the top part of her bikini when I said get on my back.

"What!?" she asked

"You know like a piggy back"


"Because we are going under water"

She looked a bit shocked and couldn't speak. but she did as I asked, "hold you breath, and tap on my back when you want to come up... ok"

Izzy's P.O.V

I was so nervous, I have never swam before, but over the period of time that I have met Niall I know that I can trust him and that I am also getting more confutable around him. I was on his back now and it was kind of fun, than he said "and of we go" and he jumped into the water. it was so much fun, gliding though the water, and it made you feel so free. I taped him once I couldn't hold my breath any more. and he stood up. we were in the deepest part of the pool now and u couldn't touch the bottom, yet it was only just below Niall's neck. gosh I'm short I thought to my self.

"How was that" he asked


"Hey, Izzy? do you want to say here or do you want to dry of and I can take you some were"

"Ooo, the second one... I well just tell the girls I'm going to head home ok"

"Cheeky" He said

Niall's P.O.V

Once we got back to the hotel, she dried off in her room, and I had the bathroom. I was sitting on the couch waiting for izzy when she yelled out "Niall, where are we going.... so I will know what to wear."

"No I will not tell you were we are going, but were something warm, yet nice. five minutes late she came out with a casual black long sleeved dress with a belt and from the waist down the dress turned into a dressy white layered dress with black spots on it, and back leggings.

"Wow Izzy you look beautiful"

She looked down and smiled.

"LETS GO!!" I yelled.

Izzy's P.O.V

I left a note for the girls saying

Gone out with Niall, should be back at 8-9 (don't get the wrong idea)

Love Izzy xxx

And stuck it on the couch as we left. I can't wait... we had been driving for about five minutes when Niall stopped, we got out. we were on a hill and Niall laid out a blanket. We watched as the sun set when I heard munching, and I looked at Niall. Ge why was I not surprised.. Niall was eating chips.

"Really, Niall now.... can I have some?"

"NO.... MINE"

I really don't care to I reach over and grab a chip. Niall's face was so funny, he was trying to be cross but he wanted to laugh. Once the moon was up Niall took out his phone and started to play little things softly, and asked me if I wanted to dance.

"Niall this may seem stupid but I can't dance."

"Izzy, that's easier to teach you than swimming." he joked

He than stood up and put his hand out for me to get up. he put his hand on my back, and I put one of my hands on his shoulder and the one in his hand

"I will walk forward and you walk back, one step at a time." Niall whispered.

I was doing it I was waltzing... to little things.

Right before the end of the song Niall leant in to kiss me. I didn't even think about pulling away, just before our lips touch my phone rang...

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