18 (a 1direction fan fic)

Blair is a singer and she try's put for the X factor And simon loves her! She goes on tour with one direction. And she falls for one of them. Read to find out who


2. the X factor

I had just turned 18 and I was doing what Mr.Ethan told me to do. I was trying out for the X factor. It was 2014 and I was so excited. I had on a pair of cut off jean shorts, a pink tank top, black converse all-stars, and a snap back that was my brother Spencer's. My mum, step-dad, brother, and I all got in the car so that I could go audition. When we got there I got my number and sat down. When it was my turn I walked out on stage and told simon my story about 7th grade and then sang hallo I ended up getting 3 yeses and as I started to walk off stage I heard "Blair!" I turned around it was simon "I'm sending some people out to your family just go with them" he said. I was like okay and I walked out and I couldn't beilve my eyes "ONE DIRECTION?!?!?!"

Liam: OMG where?

Niall: yea I want to kiss them!!!!

Harry: I want to do so much more

Zayn: idiots

Louis: hi I'm Louis

Blair: I know who you are you and Liam are my favorites!

Liam: hahahahaha I'm her favorite

Louis: no I am!

Zayn: I'm pretty sure she just said that and I'm her favorite

Harry: face it I'm deffanitly her fave

Niall: I will buy u food if u say I'm your fave

Blair: no Liam and Louis are my faves

Simon: boys do you want to get killed in the meeting room.

(Sorry guys my iPad crashed! And it deleted everything I had written sowwy!)

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