18 (a 1direction fan fic)

Blair is a singer and she try's put for the X factor And simon loves her! She goes on tour with one direction. And she falls for one of them. Read to find out who


3. the meeting

Simon: sit

We all sat

Louis: can I sit by you?

Blair: of course

Liam: I want to sit by her

Blair: you can too

Simon: okay Blair I want you to sing the song that you wrote.

Blair: (sings)


Zayn: damn girl can sing!

Simon: okay boys how would you feel if I signed Blair and she sang with you guys in a song so she could get popular and then got on tour opening for you guys and then maybe later go on her own tour

All: OMG DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Blair: this isn't happening

Liam: wait we are going on tour in 2weeks. We have to come up with a single.

Harry: we already have it.

Harry picked up my phone and put in his number and texted him self.

Harry: text me that song you just sang

I texted him. I texted Harry styles

Harry: okay Liam you open with the eyes are like diamonds part until they glow___ then Niall you sing here Louis sings here then Blair sings the course zayn you hit this high note. And I I will go after that and we keep doing that.

Blair: so I am going on your with you in 2 weeks?

Simon: if you want

Blair: I don't have a bus

Simon: the boys do and I have a room on it but I have to stay at home with the baby for the first half.

Blair: this is crazy! Like oh my god

Simon: are you in?

Blair: hell yea!!!!!

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