Wish On A Star

Ivy fell in love with Niall Horan from One Direction, she goes on tour as their opening act but half way through a disaster happened in her life. She decides she can't do it anymore. Will she go back? Will she get back together with Niall? Or will someone else take her heart?


8. My New Home

*Ivy's POV* 

 Ladies and gentleman, please fasten your seat belts while we descend for landing.

I put on my seat belt and laid my head on Niall's shoulder while closing my eyes. 

"Awww, aren't you guys just adorable!" Ashton said. Yes 5SOS was going back to London too because, well thats where they live now. 

"Yeah she is isn't she." Niall joked. I opened my eyes and glared at him playfully. 

"No." I huffed, shutting my eyes once more. 

Once we landed we got into a limo to drive us to our separate houses. All the other boys got dropped off and then the 5SOS boys and Niall and I got dropped off. Niall's apartment was just down the street from Luke's, Ashton's Michael's and Calum's. Niall and I walked into his building and went into his apartment.

"Home sweet home!" He said happily. I smiled and made my way to Niall's, well now our room to set my stuff down. I opened the door and my mouth dropped open.

"Oh my gosh! Did you have this done!?" I asked in shock. Niall nodded and smiled. All my stuff was already here and unpacked.

"I had the people take some of your favorite parts of your room and add them to mine."

"Thank you so much babe! I love it!" I exclaimed.

"Good. Anything to make my princess happy." Niall said while walking over to me and kissing me. My phone started ringing and I broke the kiss


Hi Ivy!

Hey Ash! What's up?

Would you and Niall want to come over? We ordered a bunch of pizza and movies.

Yeah that sounds fun! I will ask Niall then text you.

Ok sounds good! Bye love.


"Ash and the boys want us to go over and eat pizza and watch movies." I informed Niall.

"You go ahead. I'm gonna stay here and make some phone calls and do some business stuff." Niall said smiling at me.

"You sure babe?" I asked. He nodded before leaving the room. I texted Ashton and let him know that I would be over in 5. I put my hair up in a messy bun and put on sweats, a tank top and my converse. I grabbed my phone and walked out of the room and went to find Niall.

"I will be back later. Love you." I said while hugging him from behind and kissing his neck. I went to pull away but he grabbed my hand and pulled me around and down in his lap.

"You're so beautiful. Don't forget that. I love you." He said before kissing me softly. I kissed him again before getting up and leaving. I walked to the guy's apartment and knock on the door. A couple seconds later Calum opened the door.

"Long time no see!" Calum joked. I laughed and gave him a hug. I walked in and joined the rest of the boys in the kitchen by the boxes of pizza. "Help yourself!" Calum said while handing me a plate. I grabbed a piece and started eating. Once everyone was done we went into the living room.

"Ok so we have scary movies, sad movies, and superhero movies." Micheal said. "What do you want to watch Ivy?" He asked.

"I don't care." I said laughing.

"I say we watch Heaven Is For Real then The Conjuring." Luke said. We all agree and he put the movie in. On the couch it was Calum, Ashton, me, Luke and then Michael. Half way threw the movie I ended up crying on Luke's shoulder. He put his arm around me and rubbed my arm to sooth me. After HIFR Luke put in The Conjuring. Within the first 2 minutes I was curled up in Luke's arms with my face buried in his chest and Ashton curled up right next to me.

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