Wish On A Star

Ivy fell in love with Niall Horan from One Direction, she goes on tour as their opening act but half way through a disaster happened in her life. She decides she can't do it anymore. Will she go back? Will she get back together with Niall? Or will someone else take her heart?


2. It's Time

*Ivy's POV* 

It's been a month since I have seen the boys. I didn't sleep with Jake the night he brought me home, I stopped after we made out for a while. I couldn't do that to Niall. Kissing another guy was bad enough. I still love Niall, the rest of the boys are still my brothers. Jake has been here for me all the time. We are best friends now. He is always over and he knows we can be strictly friends. I have been in contact with Paul because I want to return to the tour. My life has been hell without the boys. I have barely eaten in the month I have been away and when I do eat I throw up. I hate sitting at home and not performing. Being surrounded by things that remind me of Rylie, reminded me of my old life before I met the boys,it sucked. I hate not being with the boys. Today I am flying out to Australia where the boys are. I am going to surprise them by being in the front row for their concert. Paul will have to sneak me in so fans don't see me. I am so nervous to see the boys. I have lost weight, but not a huge amount. 10 pounds, it needed to be lost anyway. But I was nervous to see Niall. I did talk to the boys. But it was minimal. They text me everyday, I text them back at least once a day, letting them know I was ok, letting Niall know that I still love him and miss him. Yes Niall and I are still together. I thought everything out and it is now fine. 

I was all packed and Jake was coming over to drive me to the airport. He picked me up and drove. He walked me into the airport and we said our good byes. 

"You have to text me everyday, ok? And if you ever need to talk, no matter when or about what, you call. Got it?" He asked. I nodded and smiled while tears threatened to spill out of my eyes. He embraced me in a big hug and squeezed me tight. "I don't want to see my beautiful best friend cry! We are going to talk every day, it will be fine." He said smiling and wiped my tears. "Now go, you are going to miss your flight." 

"Thank you... I will text you when I land." I said hugging him one last time. "Good Bye." I said.

"Bye." He smiled and waved. 

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