Funny things that hapened to me!!

Just some crazy funny things that happened in my messed up crazy life.

Hope you like !!


2. Drunk Aunt

Hey this is my second chapter. Hopefully you like it. Personally I think it's funny.


Okay so once we went to the bar to pick up my aunt. We thought she was tipsy not drunk. We'll not drunk out of her mind.

But she was

She went out with some friends. Who also drunk. But Not like her.

Okay so we went in the bar to get her. Well my mom did. We were too young.

Anyway when my mom came back out, she had my aunt with her.

Not my littlest sister who was seven. And brought her across to street. At least she tried.

Was a red light for her. Cars are honking and she almost got hit. We were laughing but it really wasn't funny. Because she almost got hit by a car.

Anyway we got her to the car. But she didn't get in. Instead she went next a pole. And started dancing on it. We couldn't stop laughing.

My mom came and got her off the pole. Put her in the car. We drove off.

Give us each $100 in the car. She said we can go shopping tomorrow and ditch school. Mom agreed after 12 tries.

When my aunt left. We all started laughing at how she was walking. Soon my mom got out and helped her to her apartment.

And the next thing we use the hundred dollars for a lot of stuff.

So that's what happened.

The end


Thanks for reading

Hope you liked.

Sorry for mistakes

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