Funny things that hapened to me!!

Just some crazy funny things that happened in my messed up crazy life.

Hope you like !!


1. Dog chase

This is my first time writing on this website. So don't hate.


Okay so once we walking home from school, and I got stuck in the snow. I yelled for help. My sisters just laughed. My foot was really stuck.

It was a dog behind us. I didn't see it. While I was yelling for help. The dog ran to me.

I was really scared. I pulled without really quickly. And ran for my life. The dog started chasing me.

I had two sisters with me. One stayed still. But the other ran with me.

We were on our block. So I ran to our house. The dog followed me. I was scared to death

I passed the sister that ran with me. And she started running away from the dog while it was chasing me.

The dogs started to follow her. I was happy that I was not following me anymore. But at the same time scared.

My other sister that was completely calm. Was standing there laughing and watching.

The owner finally got the dog, after like 12 minutes

We finally went in the house. And I cried.

It's hard because I got bit in the butt by the dog.

The end!!

Don't run away from a dog while stuck in the snow.


Hope you like it.

Sorry if it's bad.

It's my first time writing on here.

Have a nice time reading the next couple chapters.

Bye and thank you for reading!!

Sorry for the spelling errors

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