At The End We Only Regert The Chances We Didn't Take

A girl that falls inlove too fast at the wrong time in high school , with someone she knew at a young age. She never knew that they would meet again until this day..


1. It Hurts..

What could I have done? It already happened. Laying there on my bed facing the wall in the dark , wanting to yell , wanting to give up. Wanting to be dead but to afraid to die. I rather live in a dream forever then live in reality. The tears wouldn't stop coming down my face , my eyes burning , feeling like I can't breath anymore. I couldn't stop thinking about it.. Why me? I asked myself. Why do I have to go through this pain? I don't want to feel anymore. I rather be heartless than caring too much and hurt.

But I can't be the only one? Every girl falls inlove weather is right or wrong. I can't stop it. Nobody can. Trying to forget what happen. Closing my eyes forcing myself to fall asleep but I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't stop thinking about him and what he did to me. I was so mad , I just wanted to hurt him and that stupid bitch. If it wasn't for her this would have never happen I told myself. I wanted to blame everything on her but I couldn't because it was his fault. He was the one that was wrong.

All the things he told me , was it all a lie?

"I can't do this , we should take a break?"

"What do you mean take a break? Why?"

"We could still be friends" he said.

My heart stopped is this really happening? I haven't done anything wrong..

Have you ever loved someone so much that without them your nothing? Without them you feel like there's no point of anything anymore?

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