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Lying is wrong, but... is it okay when we do it for love?
Rebecca is a 15 year-old girl who, like many teenagers today, loves One Direction. She's crazy about them. One of her biggest dreams is to meet them, she doesn't love them just because they are handsome. She loves them because her music has helped her in very tough moments. Another of her dreams is: marry Niall. Yes, it sound pathetic, but hey! it's her dream. She doesn't even know him, but she loves him truly, madly, deeply. Their birthdays are even the same day! But she thinks she will never be with him because she's younger and she's just an ordinary girl. One day, she will be invited to a party that will put her world upside down. She will touch the sky, but with lies. Nothing is eternal... What will happen when the truth goes afloat?


7. Twitter problem

6. Twitter problem



Rebecca's POV


After saying goodbye to everyone, I went with Cathy and Abby to my house. I invited them to stay the night because I needed to tell Abby what happened and I guess she wanted to do the same. 



When I got home, I informed Martha, the cleaning lady, I had invited two friends and they would stay for the night. She was in charge of the house when my parents were not. They were on a cruise ship, so I was free as Kevin. I mean, the wind. She smiled at me and she said she would bring us something to drink to my room. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and I went with the girls to my room. I loved Martha. She has taken care of me since I have memory.


When we were in my room, we sat on my bed. Abby was the first to break the silence: 


"Spit it out, pervert, I saw everything, especially with Niall" she said, turning to me. 


I told her what happened and she just looked at me proudly because she knew it was a dream come true what had just happened to me. But it was only at first because when I told her that I had lied to him, she went crazy. 



"How were you able of lying to him, Rebecca Jones?" Uh, oh, that just means that she is very angry with me "Do you know what will happen when he finds out? Because you can be sure he will!" Abby continued glaring at me. 


"I agree with her" said Cathy, supporting Abby. 


She had been very shy with us at first, but slowly she showed more comfortable. She was very nice, we had talked a few times at school, but not enough. 


"I know, girls, but understand me! I had no choice..".


"Oh, do not give me that movie phrase, Rebecca! There is always another option!" Abby was starting to yell. 


"Please don't hate me!" I asked her doing my puppy face "Everything will be fine, I promise."


"Yeah, right" she said rolling her eyes. 


"Now... Tell us what happened with Harry!" I asked her excited and trying to change the subject. Abby told us chapter and verse.


"I can not believe you kissed him, Abby Williams!" I accused her as I threw her a pillow and all laughed "Niall asked me barely my Twitter!"


That was when reality hit me like a bucket of cold water. If Niall began to follow me on Twitter, he would realize that everything I said was a vile lie. On Twitter, my icon was me, well, that was not a problem. But above it, it was a One Direction's photo as header.  He would realize that I do know them, and too much to have their photo there. And worst of all, my background was a collage of him. And with that he would discover that I was crazy about him. 


"OH, SHIT!" I shouted turning my computer on at full speed.


"What happens?" Cathy asked.


"He is going to know everything!" I said in a desperate cry. 


When I could log in Twitter, I started to delete everything except my user picture. I tried to delete all the Tweets that I had towards them. When I could finish, I was totally exhausted. I had never moved so fast. My PE teacher would have said something like, "In my class, you don't move even an inch, Jones... But of course! If it's a guy... you become an athlete."


Abby just watched me with a look of "Lies will kill you." After a while, I tried to relax and started talking to the girls about how everything had been. Cathy told us how was it all with Liam. It was surprising that precisely we three, have been with those three great and famous guys. It seemed that we were in a fanfiction. I also was surprised when Abby said Harry did not mind at all her age and I wondered if Niall would have had the same reaction. After a while, Abby took the computer and she decided to check her Twitter.


"Oh... my... Harry Styles is following me!" Abby shouted excitedly. "And I didn't send him a thousand tweets!"


"Do  you know what it means?" I asked excited and starting to hopping around. 


"What?" She asked. She jumped up and down with me. 


"That means that Niall is also following me now!" And I pushed her while I snatched the computer. 


"I hate you!"


"I love you, my love."


I quickly closed the Abby's twitter and I opened mine. Effectively, Niall Horan was following me. And I noticed how my number of followers increased, but I didn't care. What caught my attention was that I had a direct message. 


And it was from Niall.


PS: asdfghjklñ I'm dying<3  Sorry for the delay, my loves, I have been busy. Do you know what I was doing today? I was accompanying my mom to an ultrasound! I'M GOING TO BE THE OLDER SISTER OF A BEAUTIFUL BOY! I'm so happy.  Whatever, I hope you liked the chapter, what do you think the message say?


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