Who says?

Lying is wrong, but... is it okay when we do it for love?
Rebecca is a 15 year-old girl who, like many teenagers today, loves One Direction. She's crazy about them. One of her biggest dreams is to meet them, she doesn't love them just because they are handsome. She loves them because her music has helped her in very tough moments. Another of her dreams is: marry Niall. Yes, it sound pathetic, but hey! it's her dream. She doesn't even know him, but she loves him truly, madly, deeply. Their birthdays are even the same day! But she thinks she will never be with him because she's younger and she's just an ordinary girl. One day, she will be invited to a party that will put her world upside down. She will touch the sky, but with lies. Nothing is eternal... What will happen when the truth goes afloat?


5. The shirt.

4. The shirt



Abby's POV


The kiss was very, very sweet but unafortunately, it had to finish.


"Wow..." Harry said with a twinkle in his eyes.


"Wow..." I repeated.


"Well, um... do you wanna meet the guys?!" he said nervously touching his hair.


"¡SURE! " that made me wake up. 


Oh, Lord, is this real? I'm going to meet them! Oh, God, Oh God. Keep Calm, Abby. I had to repeat to myself over and over again.


"Do you mind if I take your hand?" he asked me avoiding my gaze.


"No, of course not" I said with a stupid face. 


He took my hand and I felt an electric current through my body. We kept walking and after a while we found Louis and a very beautiful girl talking. Oh, my God, he's with Eleanor, his new girlfriend. 


"Louis! Eleanor! Come, I wanna introduce you to someone. She is Abby" Louis gave me a kiss on the cheek. And Eleanor hugged me very hard. 


"Wow, your girlfriend is very cute, Harry. I did not think someone so cute could be with you" Eleanor said looking at me and smiling. 


"Oh no, we're not dating" I quickly refused.


She looked at us with a raised eyebrown and it took me a moment to understand why.  I blushed immediately when I realized that our hands were still intertwined, but that did not bother me at all. 


"No, we're not dating. Not yet..." Harry whispered as she squeezed my hand. I decided to ignore that. 


I talked to them for a long time, they seemed to really be in love. Eleanor was very nice, we would be good sisters in law. No! Friends! I mean friends! Harry and I... No way. He is known as the most womanizer man in the world and he will forget me in the morning.


Rebecca's POV


 Probably everyone around us thought we were crazy. Niall and I were still embraced in the center of the room regardless of the people around us. I do not give a shit what they thought, but we had to separate when we hear a few whistles.


"Wow, Nialler, you don't lose the time, huh?" Said a male voice.


I froze when I identified who was the owner of the voice. I turned slowly to confirm. It was ZAYN. Now I'm sure this is a dream. I tried not to get excited, because I was not supposed to know them... He was with his girlfriend Perrie, they are dating since three years ago. Every Directioner knows Perrie. And not only Directioners, but the rest of the world. She is in a band that won the X Factor, she is very famous. She is also very beautiful and she's like an angel.


"Zayn!" Niall complained a little embarrassed.


"You found your princess, huh Nialler?" Perrie winked at me and I swear I could die right then.


"Yes, it took her way too long to come" he said very quietly, but I heard it. He noticed  "Um what? I mean, I do not know " he added, his face as red as a tomato. I just laughed nervously.


"And then, what were you doing, eh?" Zayn asked with a raised eyebrow. Oh, God, he's so perfect.


"We... um... no..." Niall began to babble.


"I... I was fixing his shirt..." I said without thinking. Niall looked at me for a second before answering.


"Yeah, that. The thing is... it was wrinkled" Niall added.


After a moment of silence, we started to laugh because it was the dumbest excuse in the world.


"Well, love. Will you fix my lips?" Zayn asked Perrie with a pout.


"Will be a pleasure" Perrie replied. And then they melted into a sweet kiss.


I smiled, but I wanted to rip her hair out. I like her a lot, but ... Has not it happened to you that when your idols  have girlfriends... you love to see them happy and all that stuff, but you can not avoid having jealousies?


Niall and I started coughing painfully.


"I'm sorry, she's irresistible" Zayn said a little embarrassed and Perrie laughed before giving him another short kiss.


"Well... I'm going to look for my friend, I do not know where she is" I said changing the subject.


"I'll go with you" Niall offered. "Yes, Niall, come with me. I can take you somewhere else and that will be your undoing" I thought.


"We also " Perrie and Zayn smiled. Well... it will be more difficult, but I can kill Perrie and Zayn will be mine too... Oh, my God, I have to shut up. I'm sounding like a psychopath.


We started walking and after a while I found Abby ... I found her with Harry, Louis and his girlfriend Eleanor. When I saw Harry, I don't even know what happened to me, I wanted to mourn, but I knew I could not. And when I saw Louis, my heart almost exploded. My beautiful Boo Bear... I always wanted to see him smile. Eleanor was as pretty as she looked in the pictures.


We all started talking and we were all very comfortable. This was the best time of my life, everyone was so nice... I do not remember feeling so good in a long time.


Then Harry asked suddenly:


"Hey guys, where's Liam?"




PS: My poor Liam, where is he?!

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