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Lying is wrong, but... is it okay when we do it for love?
Rebecca is a 15 year-old girl who, like many teenagers today, loves One Direction. She's crazy about them. One of her biggest dreams is to meet them, she doesn't love them just because they are handsome. She loves them because her music has helped her in very tough moments. Another of her dreams is: marry Niall. Yes, it sound pathetic, but hey! it's her dream. She doesn't even know him, but she loves him truly, madly, deeply. Their birthdays are even the same day! But she thinks she will never be with him because she's younger and she's just an ordinary girl. One day, she will be invited to a party that will put her world upside down. She will touch the sky, but with lies. Nothing is eternal... What will happen when the truth goes afloat?


4. The cure

4. The cure



Rebecca's POV


"And tell me, how old are you?"  Niall said smiling at me. If he smiles again that way, I'll rape him.


"Um... how many do you think I am" - I said nervously, if I told him my age, he would think I'm just a little girl.


"I don't know, em,  about... Eighteen?"


"How curious! That's my age" I smiled. How many lies have I to tell him?


"I'm good at this" said with a funny face.


"Hey... turn down your ego" I laughed.


"All right" he said laughing with me. Oh, my Gosh. His laugh is the glory. But I did not have much time to enjoy it because suddenly his face changed to one dismayed.


"Niall, are you all right?" I asked worried.


"Yes, it's just this building... I don't like heights" he said crossing his arms with a terrified look. My poor baby... A thought crossed my mind.


"Niall, close your eyes" I asked him.


"What will you do to me? Are you going to take me to the edge of the building, there you will push me, you will kill me and then you will go to Canada for refuge? No! I will not allow it!" he said trying to make a joke, but it sounded very distressed to laugh. I rolled my eyes.


"Niall, of course not, just close your eyes and trust me." I said with a sincere smile. He stared at me for a second with a look I could not decipher, but then he nodded.


"Okay, but be careful! My Boo-Bear will pursue you to Canada and then he will kill you" he said warning me.


"OK" I raised an eyebrow and he closed his eyes.


It is said that a hug fixes everything and it's the cure for any fear. So I approached him slowly, without really knowing how he would react, and I hugged him as hard as I could. He wrapped his arms around me and I remembered how long I had dreamed of a Horan's hug.


When I was against his chest, I felt how his heart beat faster than a locomotive. Then I pulled back and looked into his eyes but I realized that they were still closed. When he opened them, he looked embarrassed.


"Well, I see it's true that the heights scare you a lot. Your heart almost exploded." I laughed.


"Becca..." he looked at me unsure before taking a step toward me and take my face in his hands "My heart beat so fast when I felt you in my arms and not because of the heights" said a little flushed.


"... " I was in shock so I could not do anything but look everywhere. He let go of my face and stepped back, laughing a little. He seemed stunned


"Sorry, I do not know why I said that. It was out of place and... I do not know, sorry."


"Do not be, it's okay" I muttered unable to meet his eyes yet.


"Listen, you might think I'm a sassy but... would you mind to do it again?" He said, trying not to look at me and running a hand through his hair "If you do not want... no problem, really, but..."


I did not give him a chance to keep talking and I clung to her chest again. When he surrounded me with his arms and he could not see me, I smiled controlling the urge to mourn. This guy did not know how I had hoped for this. And it was an indescribable feeling. I felt that now I could tell without fear: I love him. Fuck the butterflies in the stomach; when he looked at me I felt a zoo in my body.

PS: Niall is the cutest boy in this world, isn't he? <3333

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