Who says?

Lying is wrong, but... is it okay when we do it for love?
Rebecca is a 15 year-old girl who, like many teenagers today, loves One Direction. She's crazy about them. One of her biggest dreams is to meet them, she doesn't love them just because they are handsome. She loves them because her music has helped her in very tough moments. Another of her dreams is: marry Niall. Yes, it sound pathetic, but hey! it's her dream. She doesn't even know him, but she loves him truly, madly, deeply. Their birthdays are even the same day! But she thinks she will never be with him because she's younger and she's just an ordinary girl. One day, she will be invited to a party that will put her world upside down. She will touch the sky, but with lies. Nothing is eternal... What will happen when the truth goes afloat?


8. Surprise, surprise

7. Surprise, surprise.


Rebecca's POV


I read the message as fast as I could. Oh, my God. Yesterday, that he even retweeted me, was the most impossible thing in the world. 


"Hello, Becca, I know it's too soon... and we know us quite recently... and we have just see us... but would you like to go out tomorrow?"


"Oh yes, Harry and Liam say if you can ask Abby and Cathy  to also go if they want" 


"Oh, and Louis and Zayn also go with Eleanor and Perrie" 


"In summary... we will go all ten" 



"Wow... now that I say it (well, I write it) we are many people" 


"Anyway... Do you want to go out with us?"


"Oh, for - heaven's - sake... Abby, Cathy, do you wanna go out with One Direction tomorrow?" I asked without looking away from the screen. I could not move. "It sounds unbelievable... but it's true. Harry and Liam want to go out with you. And... Niall wants to go out with... m-me" I whispered as a small smile was forming on my face.


I reacted when they did not respond me. Finally I turned to them and I noticed that Cathy looked at me with wide eyes.


"But what are you saying, woman?! You're mad as a hatter" - Abby began as she approached and she looked at the computer "Oh, my God... it's true..." she said when she realized I was not lying.


"Obviously, I do want" Cathy said with a big smile. 


"And you, Abby?" I asked as I turned to see her. 


Abby was lying on the bed with a pillow on her face kicking and screaming to the air. 


" O-kay. I'll take that as a yes" I shouted while I laughed. 


" What are you waiting for? Answer them!"  Cathy hurried me up.


" Oh, yes"  I took the computer immediately.


"Sure, Niall, it will be a pleasure. Where?"


He answered me in less than one minute.



"To Narnia, nah, I'm kidding, it's a surprise :) Give me your address and we will pick you up tomorrow."


"Okay (:"


I said and then I sent him my address. 


"Okay, see you tomorrow, get some rest..." 


"You too" 


With a smile on my face, I turned off the computer and sighed heavily. 


" He is so perfect..."  I said as I lay on my bed and I hugged a pillow against my chest. 


" What did he say?"  Cathy asked urgently. 



" He told me: "get some rest" "  I replied with another sigh and a stupid grin. 


" NO! What did he say about getting out?"  She hit me on the shoulder and Abby finally paid attention to us. 

" Oh, that! He said that tomorrow... they will pick us up!"  I yelled as I stood on my bed and started jumping. 

After a while, the three of us were jumping on my bed laughing and running like crazy. 
The rest of the night we just fooled around, we laughed, we talked about how perfect they were and the unreal things that were happening to us. While they were getting ready to sleep, I went to a separate room to tell Mom everything in private. I had been waiting all day to do it, she knew me better than anyone. The thing I would do to... Anyway. I told her all I had to tell her and then I went back with the girls. We went to bed really looking forward that it was tomorrow.


* Next day * 


I woke up and my first image was the one of Cathy and Abby on the bed next to mine. They were still asleep, and they were fully embraced. They looked so comical... After laughing for a long time in silence, I decided to take a picture and upload it to Facebook. They would kill me... but it would be worth. I brushed my teeth and when I looked myself in the mirror, I remembered what was going on today. I smiled and I finished brushing. It was nine o'clock am and although I had not agreed with Niall the time for see each other... according to what I knew, the boys got up very late so I did not worry.


I went down in my pajamas, it was my home... who was going to see me? When I went downstairs, Martha was cooking. When I entered the kitchen I went to her, and I gave her a kiss on the cheek. I went to the fridge to drink water when the doorbell rang. 


" I am going"  she said as she wiped her hands. 



I sat on a chair in the kitchen when I heard Abby and Cathy get angry. 


" Rebecca Jones... why did you upload this photo to Facebook?!"  Abby yelled as I got up from my chair and I started to walk away from her.



" It's just... you looked SO tender..." 


" I'll give you three seconds ahead to run"  Cathy exclaimed angrily.



When I started to run like a crazy maniac, laughing around the house, I passed by the door and I saw Martha talking to someone but I had no time see who was there.


Abby and Cathy kept running behind me and Martha shouted: "Becca, someone is lookin for you!"


" Can't you see I'm busy?!"   I said as I jumped the couch and Abby and Cathy imitated me, they also were laughing. 


" Come in, she is running"  Martha sighed. 


I heard a few laughs and when I looked to see who was there, I lost concentration and of course... I I stumbled like the clumsy I am and I fell like a papaya. "You're not agile, Becca, you can not do two things at the time." I scolded myself. Cathy and Abby reached me and they began to tickle me.


" N-No, p-please sto-p-p, you kno-ow I'm very ticklish"  I screamed and begged them but they did not stop.



The three were laughing and I was already running out of breath. Suddenly, we heard laughs than were not ours.


They looked up and let me go. They had an horrified face. 


" It seems that you had seen a ghost..."  I laughed and see where they were looking, I found three perfect boys, two British and one Irish, looking at us amusing. 


They looked so handsome... 


" I like your pajamas"  Niall said with a big smile. 


I could swear that at this time we seemed like some tomatoes. Some tomatoes with pajamas. 


" Can you excuse us for a second?"  Cathy asked. She was the only one able to talk. 


" Of course"  said Liam purposefully making her blush even more. 


The three of us went running to my room. 



" What a shame!"  Exclaimed Abby " This is all your fault!" 


" You are going to pay this..."  Cathy warned me and I laughed nervously.


" Oh, girls, stop chattering and hurry up, they are waiting for us." 


We got dressed the best we could and we went down. Louis, Eleanor, Zayn, Perrie, Liam, Harry and Niall were in the room chatting. The picture made ​​my heart speed up Is this real? 


" Finally, they are ready!"  Louis said with that smile so typical of him. 


" Well... Louis, Eleanor, Zayn and I are going on a car"  Perrie said with a smile. 


" And the six of us we will go in another car"  Liam finished saying, still watching at Cathy. 


We went up to the car as we were told. Liam and Cathy went ahead and Harry, Abby, Niall and I behind. When we got on the car, the guys told us to get some blindfolds. When we asked about it, they just said it was a very special secret place. I do not even know why I was surprised, they were fools, but perhaps that was the reason for my love for them. A love so strong that it was capable of doing that I lied to them.


We felt very strange seeing nothing but we were very animatedly chatting along the way. Cathy and Liam had their private conversation up ahead by what I heard. Harry and Abby also had their own conversation, and at one point I heard Abby say "Harry, don'tt do it again..." disapprovingly. And finally, we were Niall and I. We were the most outrageous with our laughs. Occasionally he told a joke and we laughed only the two of us but then everyone started to laugh by Nialler contagious laughter.


After fifteen minutes, the car stopped. We got off the car with the help of the boys and Niall grabbed my hand. I suppose it was to guide me. At the moment he took my hand, he suddenly let her go and I could hear his sigh. But then he took it back. Later I would ask him about it. We walked a bit following the way in which they carried us, and then the boys said we could take off our blindfolds. When I did ... I saw paradise.


PD: Hello, beautiful. Sorry for the delay but I have been and I will be very busy. Here I leave a long chapter <3 Hope you like it. Please give signs of life, I do not see anybody comment or vote or anything. Is it the story that bad?

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