Who says?

Lying is wrong, but... is it okay when we do it for love?
Rebecca is a 15 year-old girl who, like many teenagers today, loves One Direction. She's crazy about them. One of her biggest dreams is to meet them, she doesn't love them just because they are handsome. She loves them because her music has helped her in very tough moments. Another of her dreams is: marry Niall. Yes, it sound pathetic, but hey! it's her dream. She doesn't even know him, but she loves him truly, madly, deeply. Their birthdays are even the same day! But she thinks she will never be with him because she's younger and she's just an ordinary girl. One day, she will be invited to a party that will put her world upside down. She will touch the sky, but with lies. Nothing is eternal... What will happen when the truth goes afloat?


10. Don't know

9. Don't know


Rebecca's POV:


It was the most beautiful meadow I'd ever seen. There were miles and miles of blue sky and green grass, filled with many kinds of flowers. When I came back to reality, I noticed that I was walking with Niall, still holding hands, and we had left the others behind. He stared at me, like he was trying to decipher what I was thinking.


"What do you think?" he said suddenly.


I smiled. I knew Niall since a long time ago, although he did not know; but now I realized that I really knew him, he was like an open book that I could read easily, I felt a very strong connection with him.


"Well... in this place. It's beautiful." I said, dropping his hand. I could not speak coherently. Not if he was touching me, making me feel an endless number of beautiful emotions that caused chills.


"I know. The guys and I come here constantly, whenever we can, to forget everything for a moment and relax" he confessed, sighing and putting his hands in his pockets. 


Suddenly we came to a huge willow tree and we lay in his shadow. We were watching the sky for an indefinite period, saying the cloud shapes.


Coincidentally, all of them seemed like food to Niall. The only thing we did was laugh. When I was with Niall I could not do anything else, it was all laughter, happiness, I had never felt so good. Then I remembered something.


"Niall..." I called him


"Yeah?" he lay sideways at me and I imitated him; in this way we were face to face. 


Bad idea. If I wanted to talk, the least needed were his eyes, distracting me and messing up my thoughts. He started playing with my hair causing me a tingle. That did not help either. 


"When we got off the car and you took my hand... why there was a time when you let it go so suddenly?" I asked expectantly. 


He looked at me, thinking about something, and after a moment he replied. 


"I do not know if I should tell you..."  he said a bit nervous or scared...? 


"Niall, you can tell me anything" I assured staring at him, prompting him to continue. 


"Okay... well... I do not know where to start..." he mumbled nervously laughing. 


"Well... at the beginning..." I insisted smiling. 


"Oh, my God. Kevin, is that you?" he shouted pointing a dove. 


"Niall! Stop giving so many twists and spit it out. What happens?" I asked getting impatient. 


"I do not know what the hell happens to me with you!" he said raising his voice. He looked at me, accusing me with his eyes and then he sighed. "I do not know what happens to me... Yesterday, when I hugged you, I felt something I can not explain. My whole being went haywire, I felt opposites. My body was paralyzed, but my heart was racing. I felt as I had never done before, like an electric current. Today when I touched your hand, I felt the same current. It's a strange feeling. When I'm with you, I feel calm, happy, complete... But at the same time I feel weak, my legs shake... With just one look you give me for a second, my heart races for an hour. We have not met a long time ago, but in just one second I'm with you, I'm twice as happy, than I have been in the last 19 years. You're like my personal brand of heroin.That's what happens to me!"




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