Hidden in Dust

In a world full of dark surprises around every corner, Eligio, fights to survive. He is hunted by the very creatures who created him, blood-sucking demons sent from the bottom-most pit of Hell. He and his best friend, Raul, set out to find a safe place to hide. They stumble across a school for their kind, human-demon hybrids, also known as vampires. There they train, defended by the most talented vampires and the great walls that surround the school. They were thought to be safe, but when they find a dark secret lurking in the dungeons below the school they begin to discover the truth, and it could destroy them all.


6. A New Plan

Months have passed since Raul began translating the book from the basement. Christmas was approaching and the book was no where near finished being translated. Kora, Cali, and Ettore were all returning home for the holidays, leaving Eligio and Raul to continue their work alone.

On their last day at Adrasteia the three of them headed to the library to do a bit more research before leaving. Eligio and Raul were already there, having skipped breakfast this morning to get a head start. Eva lay atop a stack of books on the corner of the table, watching everyone that passed. Ettore watched the snake carefully, recalling his conversation with Bertoldo last night.

"Bertoldo? Does everyone have a spirit animal? Or is it only a few lucky ones?", Ettore asked.

"Everyone has a spirit animal, as you may have guessed from the number of students that have them in class and at mealtimes. However, there are some people who don't find their animal before they perish. That is very rare though, since the animal and vampire feel a pull towards one another. Most people find their animal before they turn 20."

"Oh. Thanks for helping me, Bertoldo."

"Your welcome. It's what I'm here for."

Ettore noticed Cali trying to get his attention.

"Yeah?", he said.

"Is everything alright?", Eligio asked him.

"Everything's fine. Just wondering what my parents got me for Christmas this year. I need some new clothes.", Ettore responded. Eligio nodded, much to Ettore's relief. He wasn't ready to talk yet.

Ettore had been in his room a few nights ago when something had hit his window. When he went to investigate, he was surprised to find a bear standing outside. Ettore had climbed out the window, confused by the bears presence, when it stood on its hind paws and held a paw out to him. When he had finally gained the courage to reach out as well, the bear turned and fled. Now a mark of a bear paw lay on the inside of his wrist. 

Ettore quit daydreaming and listened to his friends conversation.

"-don't know how much longer. It's not as easy as you think. Ancient Wolf was basically erased from existence.", Raul said.

"Oh. Well, what can we do to help?", Kora asked him.

"Do you know any ancient werewolves?", Raul asked jokingly.

"I do!", Cali exclaimed,"There is one that lives in the forest behind my parents house. His name is Faolan he lives like his ancestors used to, so he might know something!"

"Hm. He might. Can you contact him?", Eligio asked.

"Of course. He visits my parents sometimes. They're good friends."

"Wonderful! Plan Wolf is a go!", Raul said.

"Seriously, Raul?", said Cali.


"'Plan Wolf'?"

"Do you have a better name?"

"How about 'Operation Only Option'?", Ettore said. Eligio nodded.

"That's a good one. 'Operation Only Option'.", he said.

With that, they all went home, leaving Eligio and Raul to wait for news about Faolan.

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