Is This Real?

Tris, a former Abnegation, still has selflessness in her heart. She does not know how she will fit into the Dauntless crowd, which is filled with many brave risk takers. What will it take for her to fit in? And what happens when she runs into deep trouble?


3. Chapter 3

Chapter Three

The beautiful, handsome boy that swept me off my feet was the first to speak, and get everyone's attention.

"Everyone! Settle down," His voice boomed across the entire area and made everyone shut up quickly. They looked at him in fear.

"First jumper, Tris!" He took my hand and raised it up. His hand felt so right in mine. It fit like it belonged there.

He looked at me, with a hint of a smile. He made all of my fears disappear. I forgot about all of my troubles.

He leaned in toward me and I stiffened, as an initial reaction. But he wasn't leaning in towards my face. He was leaning towards my ear.

He whispered, "Abnegation, I'm guessing?". He was back on his calm, comforting side. I shyly nod.

I am wearing Abnegation grey, I remember. And I stiffened when he leaned in. That's probably how he knew.

"That's a first," he whispers back, before leaning away.

"Tris," he repeated to everyone. "From Abnegation!"

I expected people to start yelling at me, and punishing me.

Instead, I received a round of applause. There were whoops and hollers. I never received that type of reaction or treatment before, in Abnegation. Abnegation is- was- so quiet. I realize how much I have been missing out. Maybe I could get use to this.

Hi! Should I continue writing this, or it is really bad? Please tell me if you have any requests, comments, or suggestions. Thanks!


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