The Return To Gallifrey



[Before the actual fanfic blurb is put, I am going to say that is fanfic is set with the Doctor's 4th regeneration but the story sort of collides with modern Who also. And Denise is just an OC. Around this time, the Doctor is around 700 something years old just saying.}

After traveling with The Doctor for a while, Denise can say that he's an odd one. When in trouble, instead of cowering in fear or react like a normal person would, the Doctor would talk about something random such as architecture. But he always got a bit... Aggressive when she asked about his home planet, Gallifrey. The Doctor has only told her a tiny bit of where he came from, saying that they banished him (for reasons he won't say). He is then summoned back to Gallifrey where he has to help in the Time War against the evil Daleks. But some things go horribly wrong.....


7. Epilogue

What has happened to that companion after that day? No one really knows.

The Doctor eventually forgot about Denise and met Clara Oswin Oswald. The girl "destined to save the Doctor" dying and keeps popping up in different times and places.

Eventually, time caught up with him and the Doctor's eleventh regeneration grew old and he regenerated.

Guess things will stay shrouded in mystery.

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