The Return To Gallifrey



[Before the actual fanfic blurb is put, I am going to say that is fanfic is set with the Doctor's 4th regeneration but the story sort of collides with modern Who also. And Denise is just an OC. Around this time, the Doctor is around 700 something years old just saying.}

After traveling with The Doctor for a while, Denise can say that he's an odd one. When in trouble, instead of cowering in fear or react like a normal person would, the Doctor would talk about something random such as architecture. But he always got a bit... Aggressive when she asked about his home planet, Gallifrey. The Doctor has only told her a tiny bit of where he came from, saying that they banished him (for reasons he won't say). He is then summoned back to Gallifrey where he has to help in the Time War against the evil Daleks. But some things go horribly wrong.....


6. 5: Remember?

Denise woke up crying. She gripped the sheets of her bed. Her daughter, Drake entered the room and embraced her, Denise fell into her arms. It felt so real.

For the past few days, she has been having these dreams. Dreams about traveling with this man, a wonderful, mysterious man who has a 1950s police box as a ship he calls the TARDIS. And the dream alway ended in him being shot. "Is it the same dream again, Mum?" Drake asked quietly. "Yes!" She cried.

"You know it's just a dream right?" She said.

"No!!" Denise ripped herself from her daughter's grip. "It can't be just a dream. A dream cannot be so vivid." She exclaimed.


Days piled into months and Denise stayed stuck in her room, only eating when forced by Henry, her husband and Drake. Researching, searching for some kind of sign that the Doctor wasn't just a figure of her wild imagination. Denise had found some things. Like a 1950s police box popping up in different places around the world but mostly London, England. It was first sighted by a guard of a school in 1963. Two teachers, Ian Chesterton (a science teacher) and Barbara Wright (a history teacher) mysteriously disappeared after that sighting and were never seen again, along with a student named Susan Foreman. Some in the 1970s, 1989, 1996, and 2005. In one Christmas, a ship that looked like the Titanic almost crashed into Buckingham Palace.

Today, Denise has finally crawled out of her cave and forced to take Drake to buy some clothes in Manhattan.

Denise sat in a chair as she waited for her daughter to get the clothes she wanted to buy. She just looked at the customers who exited and entered the store. One man caught her eye, he had a familiar air about him, like she knew him before.

The man approached the clerk. "Have you seen tiny silver mice around here?" He asked. He was British. He was a weird one alright, wearing a brown coat, suspenders, khaki pants, and his hair pulled back except for a strand that dangled from the side of his face.

"No sir." The clerk replied.

Denise blocked the man's way when he tried to exit the store.

"I know you!" She exclaimed.

"Mum!!" Drake appeared from behind the racks and tried to apologize for her.

"You are the Doctor aren't you? You have changed you're much younger now..." Denise said.

"I might have known you but that was my other regeneration. I forget things about my past selves.." The Doctor said.

"What regeneration are you up to?" She asked.

"Eleven." He replied.

"My Doctor was in his fourth regeneration." Denise said.

Even though this Doctor looked younger, if you stare into his eyes you could see that he is older. That this one has seen much more death, pain, and suffering. Maybe even caused half of those deaths.

"My.. You have changed, Doctor..." Denise mumbled.

"What's your name?" The Doctor asked.


"Well, Denise. Would you like to take one last trip in the TARDIS?"

"I would love to."


Denise gasped as she looked around, the TARDIS glowed with blue light and the TARDIS console hummed lowly in the background.

"It's different." She mumbled.

"Yeah? She does change. It'll be boring if it stayed the same!" The Doctor laughed.

Denise watched as the Doctor twirled around, pushing buttons and pulling levers. "So, where do you want to go?"

"Anywhere is fine."

"Well then! Here we go!!! Geronimo!!"

And the TARDIS rattled, twisting and turning as it traveled through time.

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