The start of Sheo

This is a Sheo fan fiction


1. Casting for Divergent

Shailene Woodley

I'm currently sitting in the Casting room waiting to get called for audition. I'm nervous I always choose to do sentimental movies that has a point. I have never done an action/ sci fi movie before. My thinking is interrupted by my name being called up

" Shailene Woodly you're up. Come with me"

I walk behind her when she steps back ' just go right in there' 'alright thank you' I says politely.

I'm now standing in front of Neil and Veronica and the nerves are finally hitting me when Neil speaks ' so you're auditioning for the lead role of Beatrice Prior also called Tris' 'Yes I am' i answer confident ' alright begin with this scene' he says and gives me the manuscript.


I think my audition went well I was confident in the way I acted just like Tris is in the book. I take my things and is on my way out of the door when I am swamped by paparazzi asking questions about my last movie The Spectacular Now ' Shailene are you dating Miles Teller' 'Shailene which movie are you doing next' I just keep my head low and walk to my car. I have to wait a couple of days to see if I got the part as Tris

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