Laura and One direction

Lucy wants to go out with a boy called Aaron but Harry styles and the others arrive at Laura's school! Harry wants Laura to go out with him. What will happen.........?


4. With Harry

Oh I am having the time of my life! Harry gets me everything! We went to the hotel that they were staying in and there was a gigantic pool! I had so much fun with all of the boys, they are so sweet!

Then we went back up to our hotel room. I was on my I pod listening to music when Harry walked in. I turned off the music.

"Hey, what's up?" Harry asked. "Nothing much" I replied.

Then Harry leaned in to my face and he kissed me! It was the best kiss ever! Then Niall opened my door and saw us! He fell to the floor laughing. I blushed scarlet, and before you knew it the whole gang was in my room asking what Niall was laughing at. Niall was nice though, he didn't tell them! Phew! That was a close one'

Authors note: hey! Please read my other movellas! Likes, comments and favourited are appreciated! I will update a lot over the summer! Please tell me what you think of it so far in the comments! Xx. Love ya all xx

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