Laura and One direction

Lucy wants to go out with a boy called Aaron but Harry styles and the others arrive at Laura's school! Harry wants Laura to go out with him. What will happen.........?


3. Surprise!!

I HATE Aaron! He is going out with Audrey!!!!!! Ok ok I am jealous and I know I shouldn't be acting like this but I thought he liked me! Oh, clearly he wants to make me jealous! Two can play at that game though! Oh he is in for a surprise!

O.M.G!!! One direction is at my school! Harry has a huge crush on me! I am not fibbing because he actually ASKED ME OUT!!!!! Aaron was there aswell! I am leaving tomorrow with them.

Well, guess what? Aaron came to my apartment yesterday and guess what, guess WHAT! He burst into tears! He begged on his knees for me not to go and he admitted that he oh dated Audrey to get me jealous!

Well, I let it RIP!! I told him that I was pissed at him for doing that to my friend and I said that I did not care what he said because he lost me because of his silliness!

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