Alexis can't take her mind off that one boy, this story is an emotional roller coaster about a girls journey trough a scrap book. Read along as her worst&best memory's happen.


1. new girl in town

"Erghhh! Leave me alone!" I screamed at the girls, they we're doing their very best to try and make my school life hell.

I pushed them off me and ran off Into the girls bathroom. Huffing and puffing I pushed my hair behind my ears, and placed my hands on the scummy is the is the day, that was all that was running through my mind. One world, my life would be coming to visit OUR school. Of course they wouldn't notice me, I'm a nobody. The bell rang for the..the ..AHH! A stampede of screaming girls rushed past me towards the auditorium, it was time. I started to run along with them, my denim backpack bouncing around apon my back. As I reached the doors I did my best to peek past the taller girls just to try too see my idols. The teacher finally opened the gate to heaven and every girl and even some boys barged me out of the way to try and get a front row seat. I ran in aand spotted a seat alone on the edge at the front, I sprinted and sat in it happy as ever waiting for the best moment of my life, suddenly ignore pushed..I fell straight off of my seat onto the floor, my belongings scattered across the carpet. "Hey! I was sitting there!".

"Yeah well, too bad!" She and her friends sniggered.

That damn Amelia thinking she's best!

Amelia's p.o.v

Ew, just look at her..sitting there, the little tramp. Someone get rid of her, the two closest girls to me pulled her away before I took my seat. Mmmmm I love Harry so much!

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