"Mom I can handle this.. Go! Your gonna be late!!" I pushed her.. Not too hard though.
"But honey.." She said.
"No! Just Go! Or else I'll cuss!" I threatened.
"See you at home honey!" She rushed off.
I went to the counter.
"Ms. Smith?" The girl asked.
"Mhmm" i just said.
"Well there is one possible slot left.." She said waiting for me to let her go on.
"But are you sure.."
"As long as I'm gonna study here.. Even if it was a janitors closet" I assured her.
She gave me some papers.
"Just sign here..." She pointed out some blanks.. And stuff to fill up on.
I put down the pen.
"This is the student who's going to be your roommate.." She sounded nervous.
She handed me A file...

Huh.. This guy looks soo familiar almost as if...

Wait maybe he just looks like him.. Yeah I bet the name is..
Definitely the Fucking same!!

"Umm... I think you gave me the wrong file..." I told her.
"I wished I did.. But apparently.. Not" She smiled at me sadly.

I Want this school.. I worked hard for this school... Ill do whatever it takes to be in this school... Even if it's sharing a room with my Grade School Enemy


3. Trisha's POV: Moving in

"Have you told your mom yet?" Evelyn asked me.

"Not even.. But I will.. After all secrets are bound to be found out right?" I sighed.

Locking my bag.

"Well just be careful.. Your dorm mate is a boy.." She winked.

"Whatver Eve.." I put down my bag...

I opened my arms to hug her.

She stood up and hugged me.

"I'll miss you Trish.." She said.

"Who said we wont see each other again.." I told her.

"Who said I said that because I thought we weren't gonna bicker like an old couple anymore!" She snapped back.

I smirked at her...

Im gonna miss this girl...

I sighed.. Grabbed my bag...

Then went out...

She followed behind me.

"You are soo gonna contact me and share everything!" She ordered.

"Yes my queen" I added a note of sarcasm.

"Im serious Trish!" She whined.

"I know you are..."

I put in my stuff in the trunk then went in.

Evelyn came in too.

"I just realized that you would need some help unpacking once you come there... And talk about bags that you brought which is around 25 or more.." She said.

"20 Eve" i corrected.

"Can you carry 20 bags?... No you cant!" She said making her point.

"I can..." I started.

"I just wanna come with you Steven!!" She whined again.

"Okay! Sheesh!"

I saw her turning up the radio and once she heard it was our jam we turned it up...

"Baby! Do you dare to do this! Cause Im coming at you like a dark horse!! Are you ready for ready for!! A perfect storm perfect storm!!" And it went on like that until it ended.

All our favorite songs were playing like as though the playlists were made for us.

*Arriving at Stones University

"We.Are.Here" I stopped the car.

"This place is huge... But it's not as amazing as my FASHION! Arts! Uni!" She bragged.

"Of course it isnt.."

We grabbed my things..

12 for me and..8 for her.

We finally arrived at my dorm room... Which btw is at the end... And when I mean about that...

There are no near dorms... All by itself if I were to look for near dorms I'd have to count 50 big steps to get to one...

"It is stranded... So If you were to scream for rape.. No one would come to the rescue..." Evelyn spoke.

I sighed.

I moved my knee to the door to make a knocking sound.

My hands were full.

I did it again.

When I tried again for the third time.

The door revealed a guy with a towel on wrapped around his waist.

Clearly abs revealing.

I almost choked.

This was Liam James Dumbass Payne.

He looked from Evelyn to me.

Please tell me he has no idea who I am...


He smirked.

"Good to see you again Lyn" He smirked eyes still on me.

"Liam.." She said.

I cleared my throat and looked at the doorway.

"Sorry love my bad.."

He went to the side.

I rolled my eyes at him.

"Your room on the left babe.." He instructed.

Love. Babe. Dont make me choke on my saliva.. Twice.

"Liam's.... Hot" Evelyn hissed.

"Smoking even" She dropped my bags on the bed.


Gee! Thanks Ev!

"Well Imma go now see you around Trish! And contact me!" She winked.

"See you around Payne" she patted him on his chest.

Bare Chest

Then rushed out.

I started unpacking...

"So your my roommate" I heard him say not even looking at his direction.

"Well I will continue showering.. The adviser also said to guide you around this school and make you find friends.. I'll see you around Steve" He said.

Well fuck.. He dies remember me.

And told me that by calling me the name that hunted me for years...




Well I updated 3 times for this day.. Yay! An Im sorry if i didnt have your permission but Evelyn's name was dedicated to the user..

Evelyn Shadownight...

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