"Mom I can handle this.. Go! Your gonna be late!!" I pushed her.. Not too hard though.
"But honey.." She said.
"No! Just Go! Or else I'll cuss!" I threatened.
"See you at home honey!" She rushed off.
I went to the counter.
"Ms. Smith?" The girl asked.
"Mhmm" i just said.
"Well there is one possible slot left.." She said waiting for me to let her go on.
"But are you sure.."
"As long as I'm gonna study here.. Even if it was a janitors closet" I assured her.
She gave me some papers.
"Just sign here..." She pointed out some blanks.. And stuff to fill up on.
I put down the pen.
"This is the student who's going to be your roommate.." She sounded nervous.
She handed me A file...

Huh.. This guy looks soo familiar almost as if...

Wait maybe he just looks like him.. Yeah I bet the name is..
Definitely the Fucking same!!

"Umm... I think you gave me the wrong file..." I told her.
"I wished I did.. But apparently.. Not" She smiled at me sadly.

I Want this school.. I worked hard for this school... Ill do whatever it takes to be in this school... Even if it's sharing a room with my Grade School Enemy


1. A/N

Trisha Steven H. Smith is hoping that her once before enemy... And now room mate has changed...

But what if the tables have turned and she has been the one that has...

Read on to see which of em who has..

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