3. revenge

That night I kept looking at the note. Who would do it? And why? Just then my phone rang. It reads "why oh why would you makeup things about me?!" I didn't respond. I didn't do it tho I thought. Just then it hit me Maddie! I gave her my number today!

It was Friday the day I was plotting my first part of my revenge. "Hey kendal" Maddie says. "HI MADDIE HIW IS THAT PIMPLE ON YOUR BUTT AND THE WORT ON YOUR HEAD? I scream. It wasn't my best I was running out of time. But I got the hole hall laughing.

Later when I was packing up I got a note In my locker. "Nice one today! You could join the dark side!" I threw it in the trash then got on the bus.

Later at dinner I got a text. "Why do you hate me?" I was so confused I thought I got her back!! Just then there was a knock at my door. "HOW COULD TOU KENDAL I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!!" Screams Maddie. "Well why have you been sending me weird creepy text and notes to me!" I respond. She says back. "What I haven't! I've been getting them!" I tell her to come in. "Look I have an idea why it is, Kenzie." Maddie says. "But Kenzie is my friend." I tell her.

The next day on the bus Kenzie smacks my face, pulled my hair and pinched me! As soon as I got to school I meet up with Maddie. "I'm starting to think its Kenzie!" I say. "I told you!" She says.

A word from the author

💫hey guys so I'm sorry the chapters have been short. I have school and ya. I'll be on later!

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