highschool AGA

The story centers on Issei Hyodo, a perverted high school student who is killed by his first date, revealed to be a fallen Devil, but is later revived as a Angle by Rias Gremory to serve her and her Angle family.




"Red  the same colour as her hair,dark than any red hair I've seen, just like the colour running down my hands, long..beautiful...crimson hair.... just... like... this." Said Issei.  

"Not today. I will not let you die" Said Rias. 


"Tell me Ikuto, Zero why the hell did we enrol this school in the first place."Said Issei.  

"Before a couple of mouths ago this school used to be all girls and we thought that we could take advantage of the boys to girl ratio." Said Ikuto 

" But so far No girlfriend out of the three of us." Said Zero. 

"We thought that all the honeys would be lining up to go out." Said Ikuto 

 Just at that moment Rias walk down and Issei questioned Ikuto saying. 

" Who's that?" 

"Her names Rias Gremory word in school is she's from north an  Russia." 

Then Rias at the research club said " Who was that boy in the middle?"    

"If I remember  right his name is Issei Hyodo in class 2B. Why do you ask?" asked Ren.

"No reason just wondering......... Check mate............. Your trap was very easy to see thought." Rias said 

"Oh.I am sorry I tried my best to make it harder on you." said Ren   


As Issei was walking home he shouted "ERERERER. Being a teenage is the worst.It this rate  be at this school is the closes I would get to be around a girl is staring thought  pep holes and when I get to college I wouldn't have a girlfriend and I'll be a giant virgin for ever and die alone ." 

Then a cut girl walk up to Issei confidently asked him"excuse me are your Issei Hyodo QO Academy class 2B?"    

"Yar I am."Said Issei. 

In his head he said I don't recognise that uniform from any where whatever she's fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

"Is there some thing I could help you with?"strangely asked Issei. 

"ER Sort of. Just wanted to ask you a quick question.Are you going out with any one right now"The girl replied. 

"NO." Issei quickly responded 

"That's wonderful." the Girl happily responded 

"It is?????" Issei replied 

"In that case as you single would you like to go out with me?"The girl said 

"Go out with me??????????????????" Issei answered 

"I've been watching you go past and you seem quite gentle and very handsome."She said 

Issei said in his head THIS CAN NOT BE HAPPING TO ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

"See... The...Thing is. I WOULD LIKE FOR YOU TO BE MY BOYFRIEND!!!"  

She said. 

"ER............. I......." Issei said. 

In his head he said is this for real...................................... 

The alarm want of for school at 7:15AM and he rush out of bed to meet with Yuuma ISSEI NEW GIRLFRIEND!!!!!! 

As he walk up to Zero and Ikuto they said in shock."NO PLEASE GOD.............BUT" 

"These are my friends Ikuto and Zero..This is my girlfriend Yuuma."Issei said. 

"Hi!!"Yuuma said.   

"Come on let go Yuuma."Issei said.

"K." said Yuuma.

As Issei and Yuuma left Zero said. "I can't be leave he be trade US!!!!!!!" 


As Yuuma and Issei walked home. Yuuma said."Do you want to go on a data?" 

"Yes. On Saturday at 1 O'clock." Issei replied 


On a sunny Saturday at 1 O'clock and Issei still waiting for Yuuma but a cute  a flier girl came up to Issei and said 

"Here's a filer an make all your dream come true."  

"Make a wish and it will come true." Issei said 

Then 2 minutes later Yuuma ran up to Issei and said.  

"Sorry I'm late." 

"that's ok. I am just happy you came at all."said Issei 

Then in his head he said I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SAY THAT TO A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     

After that Issei and Yuuma where shopping ,went to the movie, then went to the arcade and then walk though the park. Then Yuuma said 

"Could I ask you a question??? "    

"HR... Yer. You could ask me any thing " said Issei 

"WOULD YOU DIE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!" Yuuma said in a deep toned voice.

Then Issei said. "What I don't think I lessoned right. Could you say that again." 

"WOULD YOU DIE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"She said again in a deep toned voice and laugh. 



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