Trouble with curls

When maddie meets Harry her life flips up side down. She founds out a secret about him but it's no normall secret it's a dark one. What will Maddie do?


2. is this a dream

Maddie's p.o.v

I'm so happy but so confused. Why have I never fallen In love before or evan say those words and now they are just flowing out of me. I can't stop them. Oh well I've got a boyfriend now.

I lay on my bed smiling but that smile quickly fade when I thought what if he breaks my heart I mean that's kinda the reason I've never said I love you or fallen in love.

I must have fallen asleep cause I woke up and saw the time was 5:30 what if everything with Harry was a dream. I need to find out. But how I don't want to look like a div.

I've got it. I'll just wait till tomorrow and see what happens. I don't know why but on one hand I wish it was a dream cause I'm scared something will happen but on the other I wish it wasn't a dream cause I I I love him.

I woke up the next morning. So nervous wondering if yesterday was a dream or not. My thoughts were intuit uptrend by my phone vibrating it was Harry saying "hey bby can't wait to see you ill be there in 10 ly xx" so I'm guessing it wasn't a dream but I'm not 100% sure yet

I walked out of the house to see Harry he said "hey I'm so happy you said yes" "I'm happy you love me but let's not tell anyone yet

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