To Die is to truly live

When Belle receives the news a brain tumour will cut her life short in 3 months it rips her world apart. When everyone else seems to desert her she finds comfort in a stranger who may be exactly the kind of medicine she needs. My entry for the fault in our stars fanfiction competition.


6. You decide the ending to your story

~~Today is a good day. I think when I open the curtains and the sun bursts through the window. My head isn’t pounding too hard and I’m meeting Finn outside in a few minutes. The doorbell goes and I smile as I make my way downstairs. “I’ve got it,” I call then pull the door open. Finn stands in front of me, his normal cocky smile on his face. I know that I don’t have to be at school and I asked him why he isn’t at some point. He just shrugged and told me he was kicked out. “I was angry when my mum was ill, and I took it out on other people,” he’d replied. I know it’s selfish but I’m a little glad because it means we have so much time together.
“Ready?” He asks and I nod. He offers me his hand and I slip my fingers through his. This sends a tingle of pleasure through me and I smile. He leads me down the road and past the playground into a field. I stare wide eyed and what waits for us. A hot air balloon! “No way!” I exclaim and I run over to it. The driver smiles at me and I look over at Finn. “It’s what you wanted,” he says with a shrug.
It really does feel like flying as the balloon rises into the air, the world gets smaller and smaller. I turn to face Finn. “I love you,” He says quickly his eyes flittering over me.
“I love you too,” I reply and I reach up and pull his head down a little. Our lips meet for a moment and the kiss makes everything else melt away for a moment.
 I know my path is short, but I also know that with Finn holding my hand, it won’t be hard.

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