The Creed

in later chapters of this book will be sexual content , nudity , adult language and content , violence and more if this makes you uncomfortable or brings up past memories discontinue reading this book.

none of this is true life , this is fictional , all events in this book have never occurred . character names and appearances are based of real life things but everything else is fictional.

I thought and plot this for a month before I started writing this and I would really appreciate it if you guys didn't copy or steal my idea because I worked really hard on this . if you want to translate it in a different language pm me .

The Creed

power a word with many meanings.

no clear definition

but for some reason , everyone wants a piece of it .

some say its a influence and some say its a control


2. I





" temperance , please got get me some water" her mother said before lying back in her old rocking chair. her daughter quickly obeyed before heading out the old door and on to the rickety porch.the cool and crisp air made her quick to pull her sweater over her chest.this was the same routine they always had. life was hard with Stalin as president. you could call him more of a dictator, since his election 20 years ago this place hasn't been the same.the villages all battle hunger as many starve , high demand for clothing but low supply. Stalin has been keeping everyone in the capital full with wealth ,the finest clothes and food while his villages he promised surplus and joy barely make ends meet.


she grabbed the wooden bucket from the frosted ground before beginning her journey to the well.her journey usually takes around 40 minutes across the main dirt road.she would usually say hello to the breadman across the lane as he would lift boxes of bread to transport to Southport village but he chose to hide away in his home. since the rumours flowing through the village everyone has made it their top priority to stay in their homes as much as possible ,also why she was so antsy about going to the well today .


rumours have been flowing around about villages rebeling towards the capital and the start of a revolution.ever since Stalin's opponent Jon Harrison suspiciously disappeared the villagers have been full of rage as they have to sit through another 5 years with president Stalin. life didn't always used to be like this before Stalin was elected life was booming as things were starting to turn to a more industrial side.her mother would tell her stories of how their was a giant surplus of produce and everyone would make crowds in the market place, where she just so happen to bump into what would be her future father.temperance never had a liking for president Stalin if she was allowed to speak her opinion about it she would say she despises him and his worth.


she soon got to the well and filled her bucket of the water that clearly wasn't filtered. her family only survived of the hunting she managed to do and the burnt or stall bread the breadman was nice enough to offer.she closed the door before grabbing an clean used jelly jar and dipping it into the bucket and handing it over to her mother.


"where's Angel ? " she asked


" in her room" her mother said before mentioning towards the only other door in the house.her mother slept on the couch while her and her sister slept in the bedroom.she opened the door to see her sister laying on the mattress on the floor playing the same ragged doll as always.


" Angel , are u ready for your bath?" she asked as the head of curls turned around and nodded with had been a while since they had a proper bath.she grabbed the bucket from the well and dumped the water into the basin and grabbing the leftover soap mixture and sponge before undressing her sister and scrubbing her down as the little girlcontinued to play with the dolls.


" why dont people like the president , sis?" Angel asked as her sister stopped brushing her wet hair before beginning to brush it again


" just some people believe he's not a nice man" she said


" do you think he's not a nice man?" she asked catching her off guard


" I dont know Angel." she lied




2:17 am mon.


" why dont people like the president" re played in her mind as she couldn't find the will to sleep.she didn't know a true answer the poverty was a good answer but it was the obvious answer not the correct one.but her minds imagination was soon disrupted by a constant ringing. almost like the clang of metal on metal.she soon heard the roar of engines and tires on mud and flash of lights.she hopped out of bed before hastily awakening her sister as her mother walked through the door




" grabbed anything you can." her mother said out of breath grabbing the knitted blanket and sheets before a serious of demanding knocks on the front door.


" by the order of president Stalin you are open this door immediately." a ecstatic monotone voice said. the rushed to push things into the suitcase before rushing out the room to answer the door. the little 3 year old started wailing and crying


" my doll." she said pointing to the bedroom door as they 2 sisters scrambled to the bedroom to pick up the doll laying on the bedroom floor.the door was soon barged through by Stalin's men.their clean cut white suits , breathing masks , and shields made them seem even more robotic than they already were.

" area 17 , board 82 , 3 occupants." he said before men grabbed the arms pulling out onto the dirt road.temperance held Angel as such would do a baby needing a to fall asleep in their mother they could fully see what was really happening.many people were carrying luggage down to the train.the railroads haven't been used in years as food and supplies never get imported into town.military rovers drove around the village , as men drug more people out of their homes.


" mom , stay close." she whispered before her mom made sure to wrap her arm around her daughter's waist.the men then pushed even into a compacted train .they took a seat before every door shut and the train whistle blew.


" what do you thinks going on." temperance asked her mother


" I don't know but whatever it is ,it doesn't seem good." her mother said the train ride wasn't long before the were pulled into the village emporia.through the glass windows they could see the soldiers burning books and shoving people in opposite direction.once everyone was shoved off the train the were then led into the huge crowd of commotion as guard began separating families as others went left while others went right. before she knew it her mother was snatched from her own side.


" mom!" she shouted but the guards held her and her sister back from reach of their mother as they parted ways without a word or chance of saying goodbye. 


" move it !." the guards yell as their pushed onto a new train and the ride was overnight.while her sister slept temperance had what a doctor if they had one would say insomnia . her hatred for the capital fired up even more.when they arrived at their destination her and her sister where assigned a small cottage out of the many.there was 2 beds , a small hearth to cook , and a door that lead yo a small bathroom.all together they sat and watched the petite blonde girl swing her legs from side to side of the edge of the bed.only then was the silence broken when the blonde bite into the red apple .

 " what's your name?" she asked


" temperance and angel." she said before laying down her sister on their the blonde picked at her braided pigtail.


" oh , I'm Nora , do you know why were here?" she asked


" I don't know or care." she said finishing tucking her sister in.


" but what if the kill us?" the girl asked as temperance finally turned to look at the girl as she could start to see her blue eyes water.


" there not going to kill us." temperance assured


" promise." the girl asked she had to be around ruffly 14 or 15 to young to be alone without a family.temperance for some reason felt a need to protect the girl.


" promise."




 11.17 pm sun.


" open up !" a man said as the door was burst open . temperance could only see the flashing lights of the flash lights the men had.


" lets go.' he said pushing them out into the freezing air outside and put them in a line as the men with their hounds guard and watched them like hawks.




" I need for people to volunteer for... a demonstration" the guard said with a cocky could easily tell he was the main guard in charge of this place.


"oh no volunteers, well I guess I'm just going to have to choose." he said before pushing a old man into the dirt before the crowd.


" look we have a volunteer." he laughed before turning serious and gesturing over to a guard with a nod.


" if your out after curfew , if you well just don't behave 25 lashes." he says before a guard handed him a whip as the 2 guard took of the mans shirt.the guard tested the whip on his hand gently before cracking it to the ground.but before he could reach to swing a hand was forcefully gripped around his cause he to not swing.


" another volunteer and a female even better maybe we can show the area 17 that disciplinary action will be in forced."he said pushing temperance to her knees and scouting down to her level.


" now is there anything you would like to say before you are whipped maybe a I'm sorry for being rebellious." he said before temperance looked up and aimed her Saliva straight in the guards face.


" 40 LASHES!" he yelled before rough fully snatching a whip. but before he could whip her the areas spiked and electrified fences lights shone bright before the intercom voice was live.


" main guard 57086A83 put down your weapon , area 17 occupant # 3498736BBS , occupant # 489375BBT and occupant #8295931BBA are to report to headquarters.






 the wooden immediately open up for temperance into the office of man she dreaded seeing.


" president stalin , what an .... honor." she said taking a seat as he raised an eyebrow before putting down his pen.

" well temperance I think we should skip the lying and cut to the honest." he said


" well if were hear for honest why am I here?"


" right to it , ive been watching you for the past week , you possess something I don't see in walk through this hard time as if its a bases for everyday life only to show emotion towards the survival of others such as your sister and roommate. you risk your own skin and flesh off your back for an old barely can walk man . I need someone as unselfish able and brave as you on my team.


"what team?"


" well I guess that for you to figure out." he said stroking his beard " ill give you til the morning to decide if you agree youll be on a train ride to emporia by noon ." he said


" and if not?' she asked


" well as you can see this is very top of the line confidential information we would have to kill you and your sister for ... precautions." he said as she sucked ina breath. her sister was her only reason for living .


" but say if I was to take this deal what would happen to my sister after living for emporia."


' of course she would travel to emporia with you , she guaranteed safety and basically treated like royalty."he said


" ill think about it ."




" id be a princess." she gushed


" yes angel you'd be a princess." temperance laughed


" like my doll.' she asked


" yes just like your doll, but there's also a different option we could escape this place and live in the woods."


" but then I wouldn't be a princess."she said putting on her dolls dress




" you know I love you right" temperance said




" more than the hold wide world and to the end of the universe.' she finished for her




she then rolled over in her bed sheets as her sister was sound asleep




" more than the whole world." she whispered before turning of the bed post lamp.




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