What if?


1. This is so wrong

Oh, his marked face and his little smile. I wonderet what he was dreaming about? I just woked up, he was still asleep. It was an amazing night yesterday. We went to a restaurant, got something to eat and after that, we went to the movies, and then his apartment.

I know that this sounds wired but, he already had a girlfriend. He told me that last night.. But he said that he loved me most, so yeah.. i think i believe him. He never lied to me before, so why would he do it now?

I kissed him on the chin and said quietly "i'm gonna go now baby, you're girlfriend is coming in about 1 hour". He turned around in the bed, and opened his eyes a little bit. I kissed him again, and he said "goodbye my love. See you tomorrow?" "Ofcourse" i replied. Actually i didn't want to come again tomorrow, because of all that with his girlfriend. But he said to me that he would break up with her soon.

I took my bag, and went to the door. "Love you" he yelled, just before i walked out, "love you too" i said, and closed the door. I walked down all the stairs and went to my car, turned on the radio, and drove all the way home.

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