Can anything change

Justin Bieber the well known superstar. Who gets in trouble the police weekly. He doesnt like who he has become buts its his only escape. Can anyone cahnge the way he feels? Or will he end up hurting everyone that loves him even more then he has.


3. Getting Ready and being Special

Alli's POV   Tonight was the Jb concert and i was so excited. Right now im getting ready for the concert. With Gemma Amanada & Taylor also getting ready. Im wearing shorts ( almost body shorts but not yet) A white muscle tee that reads " I could be your one les lonely girl after the concert too" Along with my curled hair in loose waves and a bright purple bandana pullling the curls out of my face. It was now 2:15 p.m. The meet and greet waas at 6:00 p.m so hopefully we were first of cose to the begging of the line. Later that day.... It was no 2:50 p.m we got to the meet and greet line and saw that we were the 8th people. That was great! Skipping to the meet and greet time!!!!!     It was now 5:55 and Justin just got there. He started the meet an greet right away! Amanda and Taylor  went first and took their pictures then Gemma and I!! Justin first read Gemma's shirt then mine!! It was not time for seperate pictures. While I was getting my picture taking the girl had to wait out side the room, so it was just me & Justin, also the photographer. Just as I  was about to walk away Justin pulled me closer & whispered Come to my dressing room after the show  

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