Teenage Problems (One Direction Fanfic)

What would you do if you were the daughter of Harry Styles? Yeah I am the Darcy Styles. I am 15 years old and my dad is 36. My mom died of cancer 5 years ago.
The problem is I have a crush on Uncle Liam.
If you wan't to find out more read the story!
(Just so you know it, this isn't a real story, it was something I made up)


3. Touching (Sexual scene)

The school flyed by. (I skipped the school, I'm lazy hihi :P it was a day in the year when it was school on the saturday) Malene's P.O.V "So, Darcy do you wanna come home to me today or was you planning on something else?" "I was planning on going to Uncle Liam's house. You know the rest of it.." "OMFG! Is this the day? You know kissing him?" "Yup" "You have to tell me everything afterwards you have been there, okay?" "Of course Malene" Darcy's p.o.v I walked with Malene to Uncle Liam's house. ------------------------------------ When we arrived, I said goodbye to Malene and she walked away. I were a little scared, I took up a cigarete and took fire on it, so I could smoke it. When I was finished, I took a chance and clicked on the doorbell. I heard steps inside so I looked inside the window and Uncle Liam were there, in his underwear! If it wasn't for that I was a rebell my legs had collapsed on the ground. "Hello darling, wanna come inside?" Liam asked me. "Yeah, thank's" I answered "WOW! You have a pretty school uniform" Liam complimented me "Thanks, but I have to tell you something and aak you something." I said "What is it darling" Liam always used Darling as a nickname on me so I melted. "Okay, first I think it's best if we sit down" I said silly. -----------------(Skipping that part) "So I-i like y-y-yo-you pret-pretty m-m-much." I stuttered. "Oh, Darling I like you to but, Harry would never accept it." Liam said sadly "But I am 15 he can't say to me who I can date or can't date!" I answered a little frustrated. I leaned in on Liam and he didn't back away, he did the same. Liam's p.o.v Darcy leaned in on me and I did to. When we kissed I felt sparkles and fireworks all around us. "I think we can go in my room and finish this" I said a little horny. ---------(Skipping the part to the room) I took off her the shirt and bra. I got dark and began massaging her left breast while sucking on the other. She moaned while she grabbed my hair. (I finish the rest in the next chapter)
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