Teenage Problems (One Direction Fanfic)

What would you do if you were the daughter of Harry Styles? Yeah I am the Darcy Styles. I am 15 years old and my dad is 36. My mom died of cancer 5 years ago.
The problem is I have a crush on Uncle Liam.
If you wan't to find out more read the story!
(Just so you know it, this isn't a real story, it was something I made up)


4. Rest of the sexual scene

Darcy's p.o.v

I took his hair while he massaged my left breast and sucked at my right breast. 

He took off my pants and after he kissed down my stomach, I got really horny  and wet. He saw how wet I was when he looked at my thong.

''Oh baby you are so fucking wet, I wan't you right now!'' Liam said really turned on.

''Lick me and finger me first and then you can fuck me so hard you wan't too'' I said with lust in my eyes.

He did what he was told.

''OH! F-fuc-fuck Li-Liam I am g-goin-going t-to c-cum!''

Then without a warning he slammed his dick into me, I cried at first but after 5 minutes it got from pain to pleasure. 

I got to my climax, and Liam did to.

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