the gun didn't work out

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  • Published: 9 Jun 2014
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So if you're reading this, you've found yourself a life story, mine to be exact. Don't be too shocked by what you read, others probably have it worse, but I do want to mention that suicide never the solution is. Unfortunately for me, there was no one to tell me this until after the gun didn't work out, so I had learnt it the hard way.


12. the easy days

hey there, just some extra info Darrel and Andrew are 27 and 25. Comments, votes are as always very welcome! it doesn't matter if it's negative or positive I read and answer them all!! :3 thanks!

We arrived at Angie's house and were immediately handed boxes, different colours of paint and furniture. Darrel (one of Angel's dads) said to go to our rooms and paint them since they were handling the boxes with stuff and all the furniture coming in.

We headed upstairs and into Angel's room first and decided to paint it because she actually didn't like the cherry red that her room already was. So we took the posters down, grabbed the purple and black and started painting. I had to stand on a little ladder because I'm tiny and Angie stood on a chair because she's taller than me.

We would come back later to paint neon purple splashes on the black wall, but this had to dry first so we went to my room instead. It felt really weird to say that because I wasn't really used to having a real room anymore. Also because this isn't my house, plus I'm just Angie's friend! Really, why would they give me a room at all? Why are they so nice to me?

I suddenly felt something cold and wet on my cheek, I snapped back to reality and touched my cheek. Only to find green stuff on my hand and a smirking Angel staring at me.

"OMG! Angie, you did not just do that!'', she snickered and I lunged forward with some red on my paintbrush, I managed to give her a nice uni brow.

She stopped laughing and raised her uni brow, ''Are we really going to do this?''. I swallowed hard just before all kinds of colors flew across the room and onto, well, everything.

We went on flinging paint at each other and laughing our asses off for about 20 minutes till we ran out of steam. Angel was partly green and orange with some red on her face and in her hair, while I looked a lot like a smurf, I was almost completely blue with a few black and purple exceptions.

Lucky us that we changed into some old clothes (well I borrowed them from Angie). We looked at each other and burst out into another laughing fit. When we calmed down I looked around the room. The walls which had been white were completely splattered with colors, some even got on the ceiling!

We decided that we would redo my room and finish Angie's tomorrow and went for a shower. We changed into some casual clothes and headed downstairs, Andrew and Darrel (both Angie's dads) were in the living room looking real serious which made me a little bit worried.

I hated it when people looked like that, because it would always mean that either something bad had happened or there were problems. Angel's face dropped and headed for one of her fathers, he nodded to her and she copied his actions. When I expected her to turn around with a serious face and ask me to leave or something, she actually turned around with a big smile on her face, one that spread from ear to ear and reached all the way to her eyes.

I looked at her fathers and they were also smiling. I was a bit suspicious of what would happen when Darrel said that we needed to talk. Oh dear god, please let me be able to stay here, I like them all so much! Andrew and Darrel pointed at the chair across from them and began to talk.

''As you know, we like you loads, but we do need to talk about the situation at hand.'', here it comes, they're going to kick me out, I hung my head and awaited the dreaded words. 

''We're not sure about your home situation, but we would love it if you came to live with us. I mean you already have a room and we would be lonely without you.''. I looked up, and when I did I saw Angie looking at me with the biggest smile ever, Darrel was grinning and Andrew was just full on laughing.

This was a joke, wasn't it? I didn't know how to believe this, this must be a mistake or something. I was in full denial until Angel spoke up.

"How about it, do you want to be my house buddy? We'll be like sisters! I know we're weird and that I can be a bit annoying sometimes, but we really just love you already.'' I was just stumbling over words now, I didn't know what to say or how to respond.

My mind was running wild and I was stuttering and making random quiet noises. ''I, u-uhm, y-yes, yes! I-I mean c-can I?'', Andrew was laughing again and Darrel stood up and gave me a tight hug.

Angie soon pried us loose and almost squeezed me to death, I swear she has arms like vices. I stood there awkwardly with tears in my eyes, while being the happiest person on earth! When Angel finally released me, Andrew came up and hugged me as well.

''I guess you're our new house mate! welcome to the family, don't let Angie kill you with one of her deathly hugs and never try Darrel's cooking because it somehow always tastes like burned rubber.'', I laughed together with Andrew while Darrel made a pouty face and Angel gave Andrew an elbow between his ribs.

"Shut up idiot, you're horrible at cooking as well, and you snore!''. after joking and laughing for a while we decided to get some food from the nearby Chinese take out.

The kitchen still wasn't finished because we still had to buy pots and pans and actual food to cook with. While we sat in the living room with our Chinese, I was just starting to realize that I was happy. I finally had a home again.

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